Random item and base part ideas

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Joint bed

Player and their active pal can sleep in the same bed, giving a san boost to the pal and a much improved heal rate to the player.

Just a snuggle pile, using a lamball as a pillow, sleeping on a chillet… uh blurred to hell with a lovander.(more for a joke on the last one.) depresso would be hugging you tight, just cute stuff. can be done with some of the larger pals.

Rehabilitation chamber
info: works on thugs and other hostile human enemies you can capture. allows them to retrain their minds doing so will cause them to give you supplies and equipment after a while at which point they can be released or put in a unique building (overseer slot)

OVerseers bed
info: humans or human like pals can use this, you have to directly assign a pal to it, at which point they become an overseer and will help feed and maintain pals in the base. Overseers can also use any weapon the player can (hence human like only.) the only none human like that can be put into it are leafmonk and depresso both give a unique boost to the base as a whole. Leafmonk increases work speed, depresso increases pal happiness.

Settlement bed
info: for humans, captured or not. Build this and have the right items then a human may move into your base.

Humans who are not in pal spheres, have handy work, carrying, mining, and lumber at default but others like cooks have other uses. each base can have one human per 3 pals. Unlike the overseer these do not improve pal work load, but they can be armed with any weapon and armor the player can use for defense and even be given pals to use in defense or doing their job.

example you can give chef a fire pal, and they will cook food faster and sell you food for cheeper as well as restock your pal feeders with cooked versions of the food.

A traderl, can be assigned a crate which they will sell what ever is in it giving you a split of the money.

A breeder, well they help with making sure your pals give the best stats when put in for the job.

A Guard, starts with a weapon and armor but will not do any basic work.

A pal tamer/syndicate member, will have a bonus pal slot for your base.

A free pall alliance will just be useless.
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