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    dreamcast sd card reader, having trouble with software dl

    I'm having trouble downloading the software for this; Mod Complete - Dreamcast With SD Card Slot Booting Retail Game ISOs - YouTube The software is from this site, I can get the loader, but the other links lead to text pages... Page Not Found - Руководства по ремонту I'm not tech savy, but...
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    SD-Card stickers, for those with the reader trinket..

    With my project nearing completion, I decided to go up all out with every facet of its enormity, including a custom set of decals to go with its SD-Card. A trader at sega-16 makes custom cart & case stickers/labels. Per my request, he has made a set of SD-card stickers for the everdrive...
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    recent trouble with sd card reader, anyone else having this?

    So when i finished the ones I made a while ago, I was all amused with the project but then set it all aside while perusing other work. Whey I first finished them, all was working fine (I made three in various forms). All 3 worked. This morning I decided to give a few homebrews a try that I had...
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    Dreamcast SD reader DS 4 RC SD DCI to VMU Transfer Question

    Dreamcast SD reader DS 4 RC SD DCI to VMU Transfer Question Hello guys, hopefully this forum is still active as most sega or dc forums are now inactive or shutdown from hackers but I just bought this from china. I have 3 questions. 1 - When I get it, can I d/l a 2011 roster which is a dci file...
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    Reader Questions for Upcoming Redline Arena Interview

    I managed to snag an interview with the former President and CEO of Beyond Games, the developers of the cancelled Redline Arena for Dreamcast, and I'm looking for some Reader Questions to add to the article. If you have any questions you'd like to ask about the game, please post them here. I've...
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    UMD Reader Screws Lost

    Well, I attempted my first full case replacement on my psp 1000; needless to say I have the screws stuck/unusable inside the bracer for the umd drive. . Those are the screws that are useless now, does anyone know where to get replacement screws? Most of the screw kits that I've seen online do...
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