Docs Wireless Dreamcast Controllers Info

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I finnaly received my docs wireless controlerls for dreamcast, so since there isn't much known on them or much info released i thought i'd post some info to help shed some light.

They were produced by a company named docs, there isn't much of anythign known on this company or not anythign that i can find. They came with two controllers and one receiver, both controlelrs could be used at the same time for two player action. The controllers were made with sort of a boomerang shape. They run off of 4 AAA batterys and use Infra Red signals for the wireless. The buttons on these controlelrs are far more tight and a lot less loose then the original dreamcast buttons. The controllers are about half an inch longer on both sides then the regular dreamcast controller.



The receiver plugs directly into the controlelr ports of yoru dreamcast, since the controller noteably has no spot for the vmu the vmu plugs into the back of the receiver. There are two led's that light up on the receiver when ever a command it sent, ie: when you press a button.





Hope you found this insightfull and interesting (: .
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