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    Final Fantasy Game Info

    Additional Information Blast back to the past, and immerse yourself in a fantastically 8-bit world. Final Fantasy is one of the biggest titles in the role-playing genre, and this is the game that started it all. Travel with the four Light Warriors, completing quests across the map and fighting...
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    PSX GameShark Pro...Info and Tools

    By Mezmorize How to update firmware and/or use downloaded saves and emulator saves on the V-Mem. Can also revive a corrupt GameShark Pro firmware. First off: Any fat PSX (with the GameShark port in the back) can do this, mod-chip or not. Any model PSX can boot backups, mod-chip or not! Q: Why...
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    VGA box info

    I am starting to realize that I will need a VGA box adaptor for my DC. Can anyone link me a not too expensive but a nice one that you know for sure will work well? Thanks for any help!
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    Any info on Reviving servers?

    I am intrested in reviving the game chu chu rocket to be online. I really have no idea start though. I have no codng experince but I know people who can. I am really to do lots of research and testing and if it doesnt involve I am willing to do the whole thing and run the server in my house but...
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    Docs Wireless Dreamcast Controllers Info

    I finnaly received my docs wireless controlerls for dreamcast, so since there isn't much known on them or much info released i thought i'd post some info to help shed some light. They were produced by a company named docs, there isn't much of anythign known on this company or not anythign that...
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    Dreamcast Swatch info

    Anybody got any decent info on the Dreamcast Swatch accessorie that was going to come out? I understnad it was cancelled and that the aim of it was to have a worldwide internet time - to arrange meeting online easier etc (which is a bloody good idea). I've seen some small photos of the...
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    4x4 Evolution Track Script Info

    Finally took the time to figure out how track queries work. Still have a bit to figure out, and I don't know how to write a query script to generate a reply. But this is the end result in hopes someone can do something useful. All comments are denoted with // I don't have the time to write the...
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    Any info on Unofficial Dreamcast Broadband Adapter In Development?

    I was wondering about if there was any new info on the development of the homemade bba? I heard about it on youtube in 2014 and never heard a word since. Is it still in the works?
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    Xbox One info blowout! Here's everything you need to know

    Look inside Microsoft's new console After years of speculation, more rumors than anyone expect, and hourly leaks, Microsoft has finally revealed its upcoming console. Introducing Microsoft's entry into the next-generation of game consoles: The Xbox One. No, not the 720, or the "Infinity," or...
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    FAQ JTAG info - n00bs read here first!

    This Guide is a Work in Progress. I will be adding more information regularly to this. Lets go from the foundations. WHAT IS A JTAG? A JTAG or JTAGABLE console is any xbox that has a dashboard of 7371 or LOWER. Therefore, a console with 2.0.8498.0, 2.0.8507.0, 2.0.8955.0, 2.0.9199.0...
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    PSX ISO's info please

    Is it possible to play PSX ISO's straight from the ISO file without converting it to eboot on my psp 3003 lme-7??
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    Info on Sly 4 game play and levles

    Sly 4: Cane of Destiny will be the fourth and final game in the Sly Cooper franchise. The first three games in the series only were on PlayStation 2 but this game is also on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Like the third game it has Multiplayer mode. I really couldn't find info on the...
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    Info about spamming to raise post count

    If your thinking about spamming to raise your post count so you can view the rsbot forum. Don't do it, otherwise if you get caught, you can expect a ban. If you see spam, report it using the report post button If your thinking about spamming to raise your post count so you can view the...
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