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    Docs Wireless Dreamcast Controllers Info

    I finnaly received my docs wireless controlerls for dreamcast, so since there isn't much known on them or much info released i thought i'd post some info to help shed some light. They were produced by a company named docs, there isn't much of anythign known on this company or not anythign that...
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    Update on dreamcast wireless controllers (xbox!)

    I got a new adapter in the mail today - a converter that takes xbox controllers to ps2 plugs. Its a hard search, as you will find when the terms "ps2 xbox adapter/converter" are put in most purchase sites, you'll find an adapter for ps2 to xbox systems. This one single seller had the adapter...
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    dreamcast japanese color controllers, a closer look!

    Here is a little tiffy and a warning to avoid these guys. I know adam had a good video showing all the dc controllers and how he liked their clear/smoke one, but this is worth a read if you guys ever wanted to get one; Branching from this topic; What US Controller Color/Variants Were avalible...
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    very cheep ebay dreamcast controllers wireless I'm in no rush for another set, but his buy-it-now is rather low, even if one is missing a battery cover.
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    Metallic controllers

    I've seen some controllers on ebay and have never seen them before just wanted to know if they are real or fake. I quite like the Green and Gold version. METALIC GREEN OFFICIAL SEGA DREAMCAST CONTROLLER BNIB. | eBay METALIC RED OFFICIAL SEGA DREAMCAST CONTROLLER BNIB. | eBay METALIC BLUE...
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    Millenium 2000 controllers

    Was wondering what the value are on these things. Found a loose one, blue. Have to make an offer. How much would you offer? (in US $$$ please)
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    Official Dreamcast transparent Controllers: JPN Edition

    In its native Japan, did they get transparent controllers of various colors that DO NOT have any "Millenium 2000" text on the front of the controller? The reason I ask is because I recently found and purchased a transparent smoke black controller with no "M 2000" on the face of the controller...
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    Official Colored PAL Controllers?

    I recently purchased two Colored PAL Controller, never realized colored PAL controllers existed, I only thought they existed with the Red swirl. Does anyone know if all the colors exist with the PAL Blue Logo as with the red? I have a orange one and a green one. Also these have transparent...
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    Best Games for Controllers

    No, not best controllers for games. We're not picking out a controller; we're looking to squeeze as much use out of a given controller as possible. If you find yourself with a certain type of controller, be it third-party, novelty, peripheral, etc., what would it be a bit of fun to use it for...
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    Vinyl "Skins"for Your Dreamcasts, VMU's, and Controllers

    s-l1600.jpg I found these on eBay. They are marked, "buy 1, get 1 free," but are they any good? Dreamcast Console vinyl covers DC Controller covers VMU covers
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