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    2024 Q-Series Soundbar: Complete Wow theater experience with Q990D

    2024 Q-Series Soundbar: Complete Wow theater experience with Q990D View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7WC6LgDN0k
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    PULSE Elite Wireless Headset X Millennium Parade

    PULSE Elite Wireless Headset X Millennium Parade
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    SRC DC Wireless Gun

    I found a reference to a wireless DC light gun on wiki. I wonder if this could be integrated into a controller (SRC DC Wireless Gun)? Dreamcast light guns - Wikipedia I also found one for bid on ebay.uk (link is too long to include).
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    Docs Wireless Dreamcast Controllers Info

    I finnaly received my docs wireless controlerls for dreamcast, so since there isn't much known on them or much info released i thought i'd post some info to help shed some light. They were produced by a company named docs, there isn't much of anythign known on this company or not anythign that...
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    The Sega Mega Drive Reactor Wireless Console...

    Apache Tomcat/5.5 - Error report So... Being the hardware junkie that I am, I have a tendency to get all anxious and have high anticipations of finding some exotic diamond-in-the-rough. This is not the case - its pure coal. If anyone has had much experience with the plug-and-play sort of...
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    Update on dreamcast wireless controllers (xbox!)

    I got a new adapter in the mail today - a converter that takes xbox controllers to ps2 plugs. Its a hard search, as you will find when the terms "ps2 xbox adapter/converter" are put in most purchase sites, you'll find an adapter for ps2 to xbox systems. This one single seller had the adapter...
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    Update on my console expansion unit; wireless keyboard mouse

    Tested and confirmed* *on my system, which has had the controller port resistors removed & their connections bridged. Pictured is a wireless IR keyboard with a built in trackball & 2 button mouse, that has a pair of old (pre-usb) ps/2 plugs. When using that with the two "Total Control 5"...
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    very cheep ebay dreamcast controllers wireless

    cgi.ebay.com/Sega-dreamcast-doc-wireless-controllers-RARE-/130536615325?pt=Video_Games_Accessories&hash=item1e6496ad9d I'm in no rush for another set, but his buy-it-now is rather low, even if one is missing a battery cover.
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    Wireless Dreamcast Controller?

    So, I have one of my DCs hooked up to my big screen TV with the VGA box. All the other consoles on that TV have wireless controllers, so I can sit far enough away that it's comfortable. My question is: did anyone make a wireless DC controller, or is there an easy enough way to mod one...
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    Wireless MOUSE and Keyboard!!!

    CHECK THIS OUT!!! Everyone knows you can plug in your own keyboard or mouse with a ps/2 adapter for the dreamcast , and even some optical mice are compatible even some with a USB adapter. I had this old Micro Innovations wireless keyboard and mouse set sitting around for years I never used...
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    New wireless dreamcast controller for sale

    The design and the descriptions of its features/functionality look great, but too expensive for me. Dreamcast Wireless Controller * DreamConn * v1.1 | eBay
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    Anybody know if this Sega brand wireless PS2 controller is compatible with DC?

    I have been eyeing these controllers over the years, and today I started looking more into them and noticed there were 3 colors made. Before I only knew of Blue, but there were Black and White as well. Does anybody own one of these, and does it work with the total control adapters? Wireless...
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    Dreamcast wireless controller?

    I know you can use a playstation adapter with a wireless controller that way But I just saw this on ebay I wonder how well it works! If it weren't so expensive Id love to get one. Dreamcast Wireless Controller * DreamConn * | eBay VMU emulation. iI guess theres no real VMU interface but...
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    Wii U tablet won't be fully wireless, suggests leak

    Is Nintendo struggling with HD data streaming?. New evidence has indicated that the Wii U tablet controller may be struggling to live up to its original billing as a fully wireless peripheral. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Internet without wireless router.

    I am wondering if there's possible to have some sort of accessories to get connect to the internet without needing wireless router. Because I had wireless router and then stopped using due to several computers in the house that requires cable at best speed and it's for business way. I wonder...
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    Wireless DualShock 3 Control Pad for PlayStation 3 PS3

    Highlights Enhance your PlayStation PS3 experience with this wireless DualShock 3 control pad To be used with Sony PS3 console Plug in and play Specification Dimensions: 6.1 in x 3.94 in x 1.77 in Weight: 5.36 oz please click here to know...
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    Again with my PSP and its not working. Just tried to do some multiplayer 012 with a friend, couldn't see each other in the lobby but he and another guy (Same .iso and save as both of us) could just fine. Tried connection over Legacy, got error 0x80410701 and my MAC listed as a bunch of groups...
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