Basic Question -- 6.20 OFW


Hey DashHacks community,

I'm brand new to the forums and I have a basic question to which I would appreciate any brief responses to! Researching PSP modding for a while, I just purchased a Metal Gear Bundle PSP showing 6.20 OFW in system information, thus it's my understanding that I can install the latest 6.39 CFW.

1. With so many options, I'm basically wondering what is the most popular method for modding 6.20 OFW to 6.39? Do I have a choice between permanent and non-permanent firmware?

2. Is there a significant difference between 6.39 Pro-B7, B8, B9, or LME, or ME?

3. With CFW installed, is it still possible to play retail UMD disks or PSN Store downloaded games, for instance, I know Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 requires an activation code to play online. Is all of this possible with CFW, or must I inevitable download Sony's latest 6.60 OFW in order to play PSN games online?

Despite my research, PSP modding is quite deep and there's lots of options, thus I appreciate any responses or opinions enormously. Cheers.
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