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    psp 2000 with ofw 6.30, pspident

    I have a psp2000 with ofw 6.30 I read that pspident can only be used on ofw 5.03. but how am i suppose to know if my psp is safe to downgrade /: someone heleeppp ):
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    PSPGO bricked upgrading to OFW 6.35

    So i recently tried to upgrade the firmware of the PSPGO and i wasn't sure if the hen was still on or not, but we couldnt upgrade at the time because it was low on battery and it said it'll auto update when it charges enough, so we leave the house, come back and it told us to call tech service...
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    i want to play iso game in psp ofw version 6.37 slim 2000

    i want to play iso game. in the first times my psp can play iso game like god of war. after i update psp version in network psp (wireless) then rebort psp system/ so i cannot see game. why?
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    psp 3000 5.50 ofw hack

    hi, my friend got psp 3000 with 5.50. what method is the best to play game from memory card? i search on google and on psp-hacks.com, but i can't find the answer.
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    Do I need to upgrade to OFW?

    Please hear me out, I bought a PSP many years ago (psp 1001). I applied a hack and was able to boot .iso and emulation via dev hook. The system software is version 1.50 I haven't used the machine in years, dug it out, dusted it off, and it works as new. My 6 yr old son has developed an interest...
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    PSP slim with 6.31 OFW

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I have a 3 year old slim that is rarely played these days. Part of it is because some of my UMDs are cracked and that my favorite PSX games are not on the PSN store despite sony's promises. I heard about CFW before from my friends and stuff, but never...
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    Signing homebrew onto OFW?

    i dont really use plugins anymore, so im deciding on going back to ofw... i don't know too much but you can sign homebrews onto ofw so they run? will this work with any homebrews? how do i do it?
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    PSP 2000 hackable OFW 6.37 how to hack?

    Hey guys as the title says I have a hackable PSP 2000 but it does have the latest official firmware, if you guys could link me to a thread or forum or tell me the easiest way to hack it? I've heard about chickenhen but that works for 6.35 not 6.37 ive heard. I wish I could use that because I...
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    PSP Slim 3001 OFW 6.37 HELP!!!!!

    Ok, I have a Psp 3001 slim wit 6.37 OFW and i want to hack it....me and my friend hacked his 2000 and i want to hack mine....is there anything i can do so that i can install custom firmware onto it???? Please help thx
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    PSP 3001 ofw 6.37

    Well I thought I'd start this out with the dilemma of my son's psp model 3001, now updated to 6.37. A total bummer when it comes to exploits or hacks. I read somewhere that a downgrade would be out 1/31, but we'll see about that
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    PSPgo n1001 - Do i get 6.2 or 6.35 ofw?

    I just got a PSPgo n1001 its on a 5.7 firmware and i plan to mod the psp with some CFW to play my backups and psx iso backups. I see not to get the 6.37 update, but should I get the 6.2 or the 6.35 update? I have a feeling the 6.20 seems better and has more CFW's. What do you think?
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    6.35 pro b3> 6.20 ofw?

    I'm currently on a PSP go 5g module with 6.35 PRO B3 (Not Permanent) and I would like to downgrade to 6.20 OFW. Is that possible and safe ? Thank you!
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    Basic Question -- 6.20 OFW

    Hey DashHacks community, I'm brand new to the forums and I have a basic question to which I would appreciate any brief responses to! Researching PSP modding for a while, I just purchased a Metal Gear Bundle PSP showing 6.20 OFW in system information, thus it's my understanding that I can...
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    psp-go ofw 6.60 - downgrade to 6.39OFW

    i saw the latest downgrader version release how safe is it for psp-go 6.39OFW will this allow me to play signed games again is the guide to downgrading psp 1/2/3k similar for go or is there a little change
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    Help with playing foreign eboots OFW???

    Hi everyone I have a PSP 3000 running OFW 6.39 I currently have some Japanese eboots of two games, Persona and LSD Dream Emulator. When I try to play them on my PSP, an error message appears- The copyright protection information is invalid (801085OE) Any help will be greatly appreciated, i...
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    Best CFW to upgrade to from OFW 4.05

    Hi everyone. Sorry if this is the same 'ol boring question again. I have a friend with a fat psp 1003 currently running on OFW 4.05 In your opinion, what is the best CFW to upgrade it to if she wants to play ISO's. Not all that bothered about PSN although it would be a bonus. Been away from...
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    changing ofw 5.03 to 5.50 kernel.

    I've been using prome 4 untill yesterday when it crashed. And it reverted back to 5.03 ofw. btw I changed my firmware via chickhen>gen-c>prome 4. my friend told me that chickhen was unstable and is causing my hack to revert back to ofw. I was told that 5.50 kernel was stable. So I would like to...
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    PSP Wont update OFW or CFW

    Its been surgested that i change my firmware to Pro B-9. So ive downloaded 6.60OFW but my PSP wont start the update and says "The Game Could Not Be Started. (80020148). My current CFW is M33-6
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    watever i do ,, 6.20 ofw appears as corupt data in xmb while downgrding

    plz help me guys, i have used both tutorials , one with http://forums.dashhacks.com/f133/the-downgrade-your-psp-without-pandora-mega-thread-t270030/ with its 2nd method and the http://forums.dashhacks.com/f133/downgrading-from-firmware-6-3x-to-firmware-6-t296612/ but when ever i put the...
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    trouble flashing ofw 1.5 onto phat with hellcat's recovery flasher

    for nostalgia's sake, i wanted to flash 1.5 onto my 5.00 m33 psp phat and then update to 1.52 to feel what it was like when it was brand new. i select the 'install fresh 1.5 ofw' option in hellcat's recovery flasher. i have the 150 update eboot in root and the hellcat's starts dumping the...
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