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    How to make basic fighting & more in dreamstud!o

    On the first video im showing how to make basic fighting on Dreamstud!o for Dreamcast it's a Japanese 3d Construction game maker it's like a basic version of unity 3d and is very similar to Rpg Maker ... they are both the same company "Kuusou Kagaku" ..... they did Rpg maker 1 and 2 on the...
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    Basic Question -- 6.20 OFW

    Hey DashHacks community, I'm brand new to the forums and I have a basic question to which I would appreciate any brief responses to! Researching PSP modding for a while, I just purchased a Metal Gear Bundle PSP showing 6.20 OFW in system information, thus it's my understanding that I can...
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    Latest basic CFW to update to?

    It's that time again where I want to update my fatty PSP to the latest firmware so I can play all the latest games! Currently I have 5.50 GEN-D2. So before I ask "what do I do?", I've searched around and found this post which seems to fit my case since D3 doesn't seem to be too far off from D2...
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