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    3001 v5.03 to 6.20 permanent patch?

    can anyone direct me to the thread for this since i cant find it and i got a slow connection tnx
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    need help with pops and cwcheatpops for 6.20 TN-D

    okay some reason the cwcheat for pops wont work at all and when i was trying to play a couple psx games like simpsons wrestling and digimon world, the first kinda freeze after a fight, and digimon world seems to be a bit slower then originally, so is there a way to access the pops menu so i can...
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    Need help my psp 3000 6.20 i dont know what homebrew to use or to hack?

    pls help me im a noob of this hack thing plss help me....
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    PSP Phat with 6.20 TN-D using TempAR v1.60error

    When I tried to use TempAR cheat codes, then when i try to load a save on Kingdom Hearts, it's said to be corrupt. Then I exit the game. When I tried to load the game, all my games doesn't load (I'm using prometheus). I tried to take out the seplugins files, still didn't work. I tried to restart...
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    ISO/CSO Game Problems on 6.20 TN-D Permanent Hack

    Good day to all, I have issues on other ISO/CSO games that are not loading on 6.20 TN-D Permanent Hack. Games like, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (Patched) and Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Drive (Fixed). The problem is when i try to load the games above it just reverts back to normal. Is there any...
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    can 6.20 TN-Dbe upgraded ?

    can 6.20 TN-D be upgraded ? to 6.35 if yes please tell how im using psp 3004 , 6.20 TN-D Permanent !
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    Help installing Torky's M33 6.20 Plugin

    Alright first things first.. if you didnt read my signature already, my PSP is a Model 1000 (Fat) and i just upgraded to firmware version 5.50 GEN-D3. also, i received this PSP hacked and ready to go, only thing ive done is upgrade the old firmware and installed a few plugins. im pretty much a...
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    CWcheat for 6.20 compatible with PSX?

    Hi, i just got CWcheats working on my psp and i cant seem to find an option having to do with memory cards. Supposedly from some screenshots i saw, it should be right above "Return to game!" but its not there. It could be that i was testing it out in Monster Hunter but then i went to the PSX...
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    6.35 pro b3> 6.20 ofw?

    I'm currently on a PSP go 5g module with 6.35 PRO B3 (Not Permanent) and I would like to downgrade to 6.20 OFW. Is that possible and safe ? Thank you!
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    Psp go 6.20

    Hey guys so today I got a Go from GameStop it was on 6.60 but I just downgraded it to 6.20 not sure where to go from here any suggestions?? just in case it matters, the PSP's Module is 05g
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    Basic Question -- 6.20 OFW

    Hey DashHacks community, I'm brand new to the forums and I have a basic question to which I would appreciate any brief responses to! Researching PSP modding for a while, I just purchased a Metal Gear Bundle PSP showing 6.20 OFW in system information, thus it's my understanding that I can...
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    PSP 3001 on FW 6.20

    Hi folks, I need your help please. I have a PSP 3001 on FW 6.20 that I need to hack so I can play ISOs on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance !
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    psp 2000 update failed from 3.7 to 6.20 lbtfffffffe ?

    I had cfw on it , and tried to update it to 6.20 but it failed , now I can use the psp normally but it can't read or see the games on umd what should i Do ?
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    cant install 6.20 Pro B9

    Hi i have a slim 2004 ta088 v1/v2 (02g) psp. i had 5.55 gen then i updated to ofw 6.2 succesfully. but now i cant install 6.20 Pro B9. everytime i install it erverything says ok but if i restart it it goes blacksreen and then it crashes. but i can start the psp its only not on cfw. hope...
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    Chronoswitch Downgrader - 6.20 PRO B9 - No PSN??

    Hi, I just downloaded and used the awesome Chronoswitch downgrader to get my 09g to 6.20. I then installed PRO B9, perma-patched it, and now PSN won't work. It says "connection error occured 20000006". Is that the fault of The downgrader or PRO? Please let me know. Thanks! :mrgreen:
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    6.20 PRO B8 to 6.60 ME v1.3 help

    hello guys i need some help on upgrading my PSP to 6.60 ME v1.3 im using a PSP 2001 (ver.1) model so it is fully hackable. i just need the step by step tutorial on how to upgrade from my current CFW to 6.600 ME V13. so any help? thanks in advance.
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    HELP : PSP 3004 Hack, 6.60 to 6.20

    I am completely new to this forum, registered to in the morning and tired searching every topic. didn't find perfect answer. I have downgraded my PSP 3004 6.60 ver to 6.20 version using Davee downgrader. now what should I do to play games in it ? can it play cso and iso both ?? I just put the...
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    plz help . pblm in downgrading 6.35 to 6.20

    guys, i have a pblm , when my downgrader launches and after i press x, it gives a blue screen and then says , game cannot be started, what that means , my psp is 3000 with 6.35 pro b9 and i m trying to downgrade to 6.20.. is it corrupt ofw 6.20 file or wat ,
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    watever i do ,, 6.20 ofw appears as corupt data in xmb while downgrding

    plz help me guys, i have used both tutorials , one with http://forums.dashhacks.com/f133/the-downgrade-your-psp-without-pandora-mega-thread-t270030/ with its 2nd method and the http://forums.dashhacks.com/f133/downgrading-from-firmware-6-3x-to-firmware-6-t296612/ but when ever i put the...
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    Psp 3000 6.20 Pro B9 Pspfiler and gotube

    Is there any similar programs or versions that work with 6.20, i was using 5.03 chickhen but i decided to move on and i want these programs.
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