need help hacking my kids psp


Hello new here i came across by a search for hacking psp's i bought my son a psp off ebay it's PSP-1003
DATE CODE 6D it has a mic button also

I bought him a pandora battery so I could try and get him a few games of the net tried a tutorial I found on U-tube did not seem to work for me dont a msp format / done erase the drive then download a pandora file , extracted all files copies them to the PSP then created a new folder called game copied a game to the PSP and said all corrupt he can still play normal games can this PSP be hacked? or have I bought a pandora battery for nothing i tryed to turn the the memory card into a magic one by the tutorial anyone got a good link for how to hack this model or can i not do it ?
Many thanks for any replies looks like a good forum here hope I can get this hacked so i can use the forum more.

cheers castopher
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