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Complete the indicated task in a Village, Low or High Rank quest.

Amatsumagatsuchi Ecology: Kill Amatsumagatsuchi.
Jinouga Ecology: Kill or capture a Jinouga.
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Festival Event: Complete the four star Urgent quest.
Monster Hunter Portbale 3rd In- Game Intro: Start a new game.
Qurupeco Ecology: Kill or capture a Qurupeco.
Uragaan Ecology: Kill or capture a Uragaan.

Unlimited Scraps​

Talk to the Felyne that creates equipment designed for Felynes. Select the "Acquire Scrap Items" (second) option. Choose the "Acquire Scraps From Your Bag" (first) option. Make Scraps, then immediately open your bag. If done correctly, the item you chose to make Scraps will still be there and the created Scraps will be in your box.
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