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    unbreak psp 2004 with a ta-088 v3

    i have psp 2004 with a ta-088 v3 mother board it breaked when i installed 5.33 cfw , is there any way to unbreak it. please help
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    100% my psp hackable?

    OK so I know nothing. I've been reading through some forums and I'm getting conflicting information. I recently got my psp from a friend. It is a PSP-3001 System Software Version 6.60 Can this be modded? I basically want to use it to play ps1 isos and for checking out some fun homebrew. Can...
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    best firmware for psp 1001

    I need a good firmware with all iso,cso,plugins support i am on 6.60 pro b9 but i lacks of plugins. 500 m33 or new ones?
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    PSP 6.37 Hackable?

    Hey guys I'm new to psp hacking and have been playing mhfu for a while now. Well i keep getting my butt kicked and an thinking about hacking my psp. i have 6.37 currently. I can not buy a pandora battery. Is there a way to format ur psp to get the a hackable version? And if its possible what are...
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    3k 04g psp with 6.60 OF

    ok i've been out of the psp scene for a while probally well over a year just bought a new psp from my cuz i used module checker it says its 04g and currently running 6.60 official firmware i need to know what cfw i need and what else to do ty for any help i may get
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    PSP buttons layouts does not respond sometimes or sometimes not at all...

    Hello guys, i have a psp 3000 model running 6.20 pro b7 firmware, just recently i was playing prinny 2 & for some weird particular reason my X & circle or maybe the rest of the buttons layouts does not respond as i press either those buttons, but sometimes it turns back to normal then like 10...
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    GBA EMULATOR PROBLEM!!! PSP 6.39 pro b8

    hello! i ve got a psp 1004 with a cfw 6.39 pro b8 and i cannot install gba (gpsp) emulator or kernel. previously i thought that its got kernel already on it but no. when im trying to start emulator i got that error message ,,The game could not be started. (8002014C)" and i cant find the...
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    PSP Auto ShutDown SOLVED

    psp auto shutdown when ever i tried to open UMD, CFU , APP LIKE pspIDENT or any thing els . psp-slim (2004) i am on system software 5.03 M33 even i tried to restore default setting it keep on 5.03 M33 any help please i am hopeless
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    Psp help needed

    psp 1001 cfw 5.00 m33 powers up stays on for a few seconds then dies . was formatting a merory stick so i thought and formatted ?flash 0? now nothing. Please help:(
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    PSP Backlight Motherboard Interface Attatchment.

    I was wondering if someone could offer help in fixing a psp I bought from a friend. While replacing the lcd he somehow pulled off the plastic component on the motherboard that the backlight attaches to. I ordered another component but I'm stuck on how to solder it to the motherboard. Any attempt...
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    need help my psp 1001 only boots in recovery mode

    i just installed 6.60 me 1.3 and it will only boot in recovery mode what should i do i have two pandora batteries and 2 magic memory sticks.
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    Psp 3000 6.20 Pro B9 Pspfiler and gotube

    Is there any similar programs or versions that work with 6.20, i was using 5.03 chickhen but i decided to move on and i want these programs.
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    Hacking PSP 1001 fat

    I need some help hacking my psp, I'm a total nub when it comes to these things. I been trying like crazy to hack it, downloading here and there, installing this and that, downloading programs and stuff, making a mms/pandora only to get 'corrupted data' in the pandora maker exe, nothing seems to...
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    PSP Go 6.35 PRO-B4 help!!

    Hiya i recently purchased a PSP Go with CFW 6.35 PRO-B4..NOW im not that familiar with the PSP Go *acking scene BUT i still do put CFW's in my phat PSP so im hoping it wont be to hard for me to learn everything i to my questions.. 1. is 6.35 PRO-B4 the latest CFW?or should i change...
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    Bricked psp 2001, Can somebody tell me how?

    i was trying to install custom firmware onto my buddies 6.39 unmodified psp. i installed home brew enabler, and ran the ME custom firmware install. after the installation was complete, it said to press x to reset the psp, but the screen was frozen and now i get a black screen with a solid...
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    PSP 1000 [5.51 GEN-A] buttons wont work on main menu but works on recovery mode

    Hi, Recently the buttons of my PSP started not to work But all the buttons work on recovery mode When on the main menu, I switch to the 'hold' button it shows me the VSHMenu and I'm unable to proceed from there But after I leave the PSP off for about 8-12 hours the buttons work on the main menu...
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    PSP 1001 doesn't turn on

    I recently got a PSP 1001 from a friend. He thought it worked fine, but saddly it doesn't. I tried turning it on when he gave it to me, didn't turn on. I thought this was normal as he lost the AC adapter (i got one laying around house from my psp 3000) so I plug mine in, and the charging light...
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    Help for loading ISO Games into PSP N1004PB

    Hello, I am new to PSP and also this forum. I downloaded some ISO games and I want to play these on my PSP. I kept the downloaded ISO files into PSP->GAME folder. But I cannot play the games. When I searched for this I found to create a ISO folder and copy the ISO files. I can't understand...
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    PSP 3000 help?

    I really want to find out what motherboard my psp has, but I have 6.37 firmware. Could anyone help me by giving me a step by step guide in finding out?
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    PSP Freezing after upgrading to 6.60 Pro B-9

    So I upgraded from 5.50 Gen D3 to 6.60 Pro B-9 and it all seemed to go rather well. All of my games and homebrew still work, but I cannot click on anything under the settings tab without the PSP freezing and needing a reboot. This also means that I cannot connect my psp to my PC as the USB...
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