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    Fall Guys – Star Wars Trailer

    Fall Guys – Star Wars Trailer
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    Hey guys

    Hey all, its been a while since i've been on Dc-talk. I was thinking about joining up with you guys in playing some PSO and possibly even Quake. But before I jump on, I was wondering if anyone could find me a good deal on a DC brodband adapter. :D
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    Hello guys. :)

    Hey guys! Just joined today because I am interested in buying a Dreamcast even though I have never played one in all the years it has been out. Unfortunately, because I live in the UK and I dont think there are any online places to buy DC's, I will have to order from ThinkGeek and that will take...
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    Any of you guys go the the SEGA forum

    It's not a bad place actually it's pretty cool
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    How do I do Quake 3 online with you guys? xD

    Ok, so I'm in process of getting a broadband adapter from craigslist, and I convinced the seller to give me a good deal on it. If I get it, I want to know how do I connect my dreamcast online to play quake 3 with you guys? Do I need planetweb browser to configure my dreamcast, and then...
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    Need your opinion guys - Ebay DC dispute

    I listed this as a perfectly working (which it was, every retail or cd-r game, vcd movie, bleemcast, cd-r back up etc I ever put in worked flawlessly) and a mint cosmetic looking DC with VMU plus cap plus case, power cord, s-video out, controller, many retail and even FREE "back up games" etc on...
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    Hey guys I am back

    I know I haven't been posting nearly as much as I would have liked. For over a year and a half I was without a solid working reliable DVD burner, so wasn't really keeping up with all the homebrew/scene releases for the system or even news for that matter. I just wanted to stop by and say...
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    Which games you guys can recommend

    Hi guys, im new in here, thanks to Adam Koralik (a youtuber that have the serie keep dreaming for dremcast stuff) im here to make this simple question, which games can you guys recommend. I like shenmue style games, rpg games and adventure. Right now i have shenmue 1/2, grandia 2 and sky of...
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    Guys....I've got some news.

    The local game store I goto just got in a BBA. As soon as I saw they posted it, I called and asked them to hold it. I'm going to talk with them tomorrow about the pricing. I'm freaking out. Whos ready for some PSO?! Granted I won't get it right away (can't pay for it all at once), but I...
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    Hey guys, Fredo here !

    Hello everyone ! I'm Fredo, 25 years old, French (Clermont-Ferrand), Sega fan since my childhood, and Dreamcast fan since its release ! Some of you might have met me on PSO under the nickname of "Kalkatan", a lvl 135 RaMar. I've played PSO online when it was released, then stopped due to the...
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    DO you guys like collecting games?

    I'm asking since I was on Gamefaqs and one guy said on a topic I made that collecting is stupid and games should be played. I get were he is coming from but at the same time I like having them too. I mean I have quite a bit of rpgs I haven't beaten yet but I will. Plus I like getting them since...
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    What do you guys think?

    Hello, I just recently bought a slim PSP for $40 off eBay. The idiot who sold it to me didn't mention that it was bricked. So after learning about pandora batteries and magic memory sticks and how easy the process was, I decided to keep it. I was able to unbrick it with a pandora battery and a...
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    What do you guys think of this Memory Stick?

    so im looking for a new and bigger memory stick and decided to go with the biggest which is the 32 one. found this one on flebay "32GB Memory Stick " its obviously cheaper, has anybody tried it? any problems or issues that i should know? thanks guys. EDIT: i forgot to mention i would be using...
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    need some real help guys -:( may b trying 2 Learn too fast

    i m using psp 3000 cfw 6.35 A2 . a good guy who must b realy aware of all datstuff, advised me 2 use pro b5.but when i trieD TO do it after running it for installation ,, my screen went black my heart was pounding like oops i messed it up ,after 4 5 min ,i turn it off by taking out battery...
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    some help about plugins guys.....plz

    please help me with two things ist..... i have following plugins cxmb.prx boost.prx for audio boost mp3play.prx for mp3 play in games etc powermanager.prx i have just started learning these things , i edited game.txt and vsh.txt and ten copied these plugin files in seplugins folders and then i...
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    Little Help Guys

    hey fellow psp hackers :D got a 2003 model here wil ofw 6.38 TA-085 motherboard. any1 got any ideas on how to get this fucker to play iso's biger than 728mb ? Cheers lads
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    Hey guys i'm buying a new psp memory stick & i need a little advice

    Hello,i just recently sold my psp 8 gig memory stick to a friend awhile back & all i got left is two psp one gig cards & one 32 MB card, my memory cards are waay too small for my psp games because i'm still currently using UMD dumper, i'm planing to buy a 16 memory stick card off of ebay on the...
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    Help Me Out Guys Vry Confused!!!

    Hi Friends, I Recently Buyed A PSP 3000. But When I Checked Under The PSP It Shows PSP 3001. It Has An Official Firmware 6.37 And With The Help Of Module Checker I Checked It Showed 9g. Can My PSP be Hacked And Can I Play Downloadable ISO And CSO Games. If Yes Could You Please Tell Me Each...
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    Do you guys know about the R4 for the DS?

    It is aewsome. You can put 2 GB of games in it at once. But you can switch the games out. You can also trade memory. YOu can also put in Cheats, AR cheats. It is really godd. All of my cousins my age and my sibling have it. We is awesome. It is kinda of like an F-Card. But for an R4, you can put...
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