Hey guys i'm buying a new psp memory stick & i need a little advice


Hello,i just recently sold my psp 8 gig memory stick to a friend awhile back & all i got left is two psp one gig cards & one 32 MB card,
my memory cards are waay too small for my psp games because i'm still currently using UMD dumper, i'm planing to buy a 16 memory stick card
off of ebay on the link down below:

It's a psp memory stick adapter that requires micro cards, i'm also planning to buy another one that can carry up to two micro cards,
now heres my main question, will this particular memory stick work on my cso games? same goes for the homebrew games as well?
i don't wanna buy something that doesn't work either one of those things, i would really appreciate your help with this one,

Thanks for reading...
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