What do you guys think?


I just recently bought a slim PSP for $40 off eBay. The idiot who sold it to me didn't mention that it was bricked. So after learning about pandora batteries and magic memory sticks and how easy the process was, I decided to keep it. I was able to unbrick it with a pandora battery and a SanDisk 1GB memory stick pro duo magic memory stick (I made it myself using instructions I found on YouTube). I was able to install 5.00-m33 CFW successfully. The problem I have started when I tried swapping memory cards while the unit was on and in the XMB menu. I took out the magic memory stick and tried placing a normal one in and shortly after the screen started to slowly fade and then the PSP powered itself off. After turning it back on, it showed symptoms of a full brick again. Except this time, I tried using the same magic memory stick and pandora battery and now it won't boot to the 5.00-m33 install screen. I've tried several different methods and none of them have worked. I'm pretty sure that the problem is with the memory stick because I've formatted it so many different ways after unbricking it the first time. The memory stick itself works great in Windows and i'm able to add/delete files without problems. What do you guys think? should I replace the memory stick and see if that works, or do you think swapping the memory sticks screwed it up internally. Please help me out with this because I've got it work before. I think the memory stick boot sectors might have been screwed up.
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