Need your opinion guys - Ebay DC dispute

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I listed this as a perfectly working (which it was, every retail or cd-r game, vcd movie, bleemcast, cd-r back up etc I ever put in worked flawlessly) and a mint cosmetic looking DC with VMU plus cap plus case, power cord, s-video out, controller, many retail and even FREE "back up games" etc on ebay for $50 + free shipping. The guy got a deal. Plus I packaged it very well with layers of styrofoam, soft yellow packing foam, 3 layers of bubblewrap, bubble bags and it was in a box inside another box, finalized with waterproof transparent duct tape. Everything worked as you guys know I posted many pictures here playing it, showing it etc and got some complements on how good I keep my Sega stuff looking and etc.


Now, that black dreamcast looks perfect, I loved having it for years and didn't want to sell it but I had to...the logos looked like they were pressed on yesterday, NO scratches, NO scuff marks, NO dust, it looks mint. But I got a negative rep saying it wasn't mint looking at all "NOT CLOSE TO MINT COSMETIC CONDITION ! PERIOD ! GAMES DONT WORK", blah blah which is all lies. Is it a case of semantics with dc condition or truly an ebay troll ? I did make a thread here, but I doubt anybody here would do this to me as a joke.

Why do people do this, now my 100% rating with over 100 sells is ruined. Right now ebay said they will try to remove the negative rep because I have 100% rep before this and they decided I was more correct via auction, but what's your guys take on it ? I didn't say "mint straight out the box dc etc", I said "mint looking".

Edit : I even posted a video of me playing every game and showing everything in more detail which helped ebay decide I was correct but what's your take guys ?
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