Hey guys, Fredo here !

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Hello everyone !

I'm Fredo, 25 years old, French (Clermont-Ferrand), Sega fan since my childhood, and Dreamcast fan since its release !

Some of you might have met me on PSO under the nickname of "Kalkatan", a lvl 135 RaMar. I've played PSO online when it was released, then stopped due to the cost off connexion through dialup modem. Then I played a LOT offline but got bored because stuck in Ultimate, then I saw that people were still playing this game online, I bought a BBA to join in !

My favourite DC games are:
-Sonic Adventure 1 & 2
-Resident Evil Code: Veronica
-Shenmue 1&2
-Jet Set Radio
-Skies of Arcadia
-Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram
-Under Defeat
and much much more !

I like to modify consoles and controllers, here is a picture of my Dreamcast that is equipped with the GDEMU, a SD card reader that emulates the GD-Rom drive:

It also has an aditionnal fan to cool it down, and small radiators for better heat-exchange, so that my Dreamcast can live FOREVER !

I also have an unmodified Dreamcast so I can still play my official games !

As controller are concerned, I also have build a multi-support twin-arcade stick, that naturally works on Dreamcast:

And as a Virtual On fan, I made this Twin Stick that works on Dreamcast and Xbox 360:

That's it, that's the kind of guy you will be dealing with :mrgreen:
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