top 5 dreamcast games and why

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Vgcheat Member
such a good fucking game,basicaly all my memories of this are on gamecube but iver only played the dc ver recently ijust love pso the lobbies everything the catchy music,getting rares jsut it

2 Shenmue 1
Just amazing realistic stories amazing cant even describe every one whos played will just know what i mean

3 Jet set radio.
love the cel shading,the music is AMAZING jsut a fun game

4 Shenmue 2
basicaily i only completed it on xbox but is the same just with english language so i know its the same game i have it on dreamcast tho.

5 Seaman
i just wish i had the patientce to play this game again after they keep fuckign dying but i love the type of game this is
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