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I need your expert advice chaps! I have just discovered in the region of 150 brand new Dreamcast games in my loft, as part of a housemove. I had completely forgotten about them!! I think they've been up there for about 5 years or possibly more!! Approx half are still wrapped and sealed and I have other new boxed bits and pieces. I am really surprised to see there is not only a market for these but some are considered rare and collectible. How should I go about selling them? I don;t know where to begin and who to trust! I have done some searches and ebay seems a safe way forward or do I go to a specialist reseller? Do I do this myself or do I sell everything job lot? How would I know whether I am getting best price etc? Half the titles I have don't even show up on google searches. You seem like the experts. Can you help me and where should I start?
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