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Cheat Mode​

Press ' during game play in single player mode to display the chat window. Enter one of the following codes in single player chat to activate the corresponding cheat function.

2D playersturnpunchkick
Activate debug keys(see note)debugkeys
Big heads on all charactersbignoggin
Disable AInobrainer
Flatulent walkingsilentbutdeadly or fastactionresponseteam
Full ammo, refill items5fingerdiscount
God mode for selected personavatargod
God mode for teamteamgod
Invisibility for playertheshadowknows
Invisibility for teamteamshadow
Large feet and handsclodhopper
Large torsos when breathing1-900
Stumpy charactersstumpy
Toggle victory conditionsexplore
Very big headsmeganoggin
Note: Once this code is active, the features in the "Debug commands" section below may be used.

Debug commands​

Enable the "Activate debug keys" code and press [F10] to enter debug mode. Press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding debug function.

Adjust elevation[Comma], [Period], or /
Adjust lighting[ or }
Enemy view[F6]
Exit debug mode[F10]
Level skip[F12]
Return to normal view[F9]
Suicide[F7] or [F8]
Third person viewsV or B
Toggle AIA
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