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TopActivator 1 P1Code MasterD013A6F4 00??
TopActivator 1 P2Code MasterD013A6FC 00??
TopActivator 2 P1Code MasterD013A6F5 00??
TopActivator 2 P2Code MasterD013A6FD 00??
TopDual Activator P1Code MasterD113A6F4 00??
TopDual Activator P2Code MasterD113A6FC 00??
TopLevel 01AntGalore8115D418 FDE8
TopLevel 02AntGalore8115D41A FDE8
TopLevel 03AntGalore8115D41C FD38
TopLevel 04AntGalore8115D41E FDE8
TopLevel 05AntGalore8115D420 FDE8
TopLevel 06AntGalore8115D422 FDE8
TopLevel 07AntGalore8115D424 FDE8
TopLevel 08AntGalore8115D426 FDE8
TopLevel 09AntGalore8115D428 FDE8
TopLevel 10AntGalore8115D42A FDE8
TopLevel 11AntGalore8115D42C FDE8
TopLevel 12AntGalore8115D42E FDE8
TopLevel 13AntGalore8115D430 FDE8
TopLevel 14AntGalore8115D432 FDE8
TopLevel 15AntGalore8115D434 FDE8
TopLevel 16AntGalore8115D436 FDE8
TopLevel 17AntGalore8115D438 FDE8
TopLevel 18AntGalore8115D43A FDE8
TopLevel 19AntGalore8115D43C FDE8
TopLevel 20AntGalore8115D43E FDE8
TopLevel 21AntGalore8115D440 FDE8
TopLevel 22AntGalore8115D442 FDE8
TopLevel 23AntGalore8115D444 FDE8
TopLevel 24AntGalore8115D446 FDE8
TopLevel 25AntGalore8115D448 FDE8
TopLevel 26AntGalore8115D44A FDE8
TopLevel 27AntGalore8115D44C FDE8
TopLevel 28AntGalore8115D44E FDE8
TopLevel 29AntGalore8115D450 FDE8
TopLevel 30AntGalore8115D452 FDE8
TopLevel 31AntGalore8115D454 FDE8
TopLevel 01AntGalore8115D498 FDE8
TopLevel 02AntGalore8115D49A FDE8
TopLevel 03AntGalore8115D49C FDE8
TopLevel 04AntGalore8115D49E FDE8
TopLevel 05AntGalore8115D4A0 FDE8
TopLevel 06AntGalore8115D4A2 FDE8
TopLevel 07AntGalore8115D4A4 FDE8
TopLevel 08AntGalore8115D4A6 FDE8
TopLevel 09AntGalore8115D4A8 FDE8
TopLevel 10AntGalore8115D4AA FDE8
TopLevel 11AntGalore8115D4AC FDE8
TopLevel 12AntGalore8115D4AE FDE8
TopLevel 13AntGalore8115D4B0 FDE8
TopLevel 14AntGalore8115D4B2 FDE8
TopLevel 15AntGalore8115D4B4 FDE8
TopLevel 16AntGalore8115D4B6 FDE8
TopLevel 17AntGalore8115D4B8 FDE8
TopLevel 18AntGalore8115D4BA FDE8
TopLevel 19AntGalore8115D4BC FDE8
TopLevel 20AntGalore8115D4BE FDE8
TopLevel 21AntGalore8115D4C0 FDE8
TopLevel 22AntGalore8115D4C2 FDE8
TopLevel 23AntGalore8115D4C4 FDE8
TopLevel 24AntGalore8115D4C6 FDE8
TopLevel 25AntGalore8115D4C8 FDE8
TopLevel 26AntGalore8115D4CA FDE8
TopLevel 27AntGalore8115D4CC FDE8
TopLevel 28AntGalore8115D4CE FDE8
TopLevel 29AntGalore8115D4D0 FDE8
TopLevel 30AntGalore8115D4D2 FDE8
TopLevel 31AntGalore8115D4D4 FDE8
TopLevel 01AntGalore8115D458 FDE8
TopLevel 02AntGalore8115D45A FDE8
TopLevel 03AntGalore8115D45C FDE8
TopLevel 04AntGalore8115D45E FDE8
TopLevel 05AntGalore8115D460 FDE8
TopLevel 06AntGalore8115D462 FDE8
TopLevel 07AntGalore8115D464 FDE8
TopLevel 08AntGalore8115D466 FDE8
TopLevel 09AntGalore8115D468 FDE8
TopLevel 10AntGalore8115D46A FDE8
TopLevel 11AntGalore8115D46C FDE8
TopLevel 12AntGalore8115D46E FDE8
TopLevel 13AntGalore8115D470 FDE8
TopLevel 14AntGalore8115D472 FDE8
TopLevel 15AntGalore8115D474 FDE8
TopLevel 16AntGalore8115D476 FDE8
TopLevel 17AntGalore8115D478 FDE8
TopLevel 18AntGalore8115D47A FDE8
TopLevel 19AntGalore8115D47C FDE8
TopLevel 20AntGalore8115D47E FDE8
TopLevel 21AntGalore8115D480 FDE8
TopLevel 22AntGalore8115D482 FDE8
TopLevel 23AntGalore8115D484 FDE8
TopLevel 24AntGalore8115D486 FDE8
TopLevel 25AntGalore8115D488 FDE8
TopLevel 26AntGalore8115D48A FDE8
TopLevel 27AntGalore8115D48C FDE8
TopLevel 28AntGalore8115D48E FDE8
TopLevel 29AntGalore8115D490 FDE8
TopLevel 30AntGalore8115D492 FDE8
TopLevel 31AntGalore8115D494 FDE8
TopAlways PlayAntGalore8016A497 00??01 - Death Match 02 - Death Match 2 VS 2 03 - Point Match 04 - Point Match 2 VS 2
TopLevel SelectAntGalore8016A499 00??00 - Random 01 - Ground 1 02 - Ground 2 03 - Factory 1 04 - Factory 2 05 - Center 1 06 - Center 2
TopAll Bosses 1-Hit DeathsAntGalore811BE482 0000
TopAlways Have Flashlight On P1[email protected]80179448 0001
TopAntGalore's WinBack Code SpecialAntGaloreD013A6F4 0008
8017AAA8 0004
D013A6F4 0002
8017AAA8 0005
D013A6F4 0001
8017AAA8 0009
D013A6F4 0088
8017AAA8 0014
D013A6F4 0082
8017AAA8 0006
D013A6F4 0081
8017AAA8 0007
D013A6F4 0028
8017AAA8 0008
D013A6F4 0022
8017AAAA 0001
D013A6F4 0021
8017AAAA 0002
D013A6F4 0024
8017AAAA 0000
D013A6F5 0020
801587C8 0001
D013A6F5 0021
801587C9 0001
D013A6F5 0022
801587CA 0001
This is an awesome code combination I made using mostly codes I made and combining them with activator's for really cool effects It's long, but believe me, TRY IT OUT!Code Commands
**NOTE: UP, DOWN, Left, and Right refer to the Directional Pad
M-16 Assault Rifle With Infinite Ammo - Up
Cool Handgun With Infinite Ammo - Left
Rocket Launcher With Infinite Ammo - Right
Silenced Handgun - A + Up
Invisible Gun #1 - A + Left
Invisible Gun #2 - A + Right
Invisible Shotgun - Z + Up
Become Small - Z + Left
Become Large - Z + Right
Become Normal Size - Z + Down
**NOTE: Of the following 3, the one you choose first in a game will be the one who's effect you recieve.
Have C-4 Detector - L-Shift Have Key - L-Shift + C-Right Have Card Key - L-Shift + C-LeftNOTE: To use normal weapons after using one of the above special one's, simply press enter and choose the desired weapon from the 'Weapons' menu.
TopEnable Max Power ModeInterAct8015D417 0001
TopFlashlight OffAntGalore80179448 0000
TopFlashlight OnAntGalore80179448 0001
TopGun Modifier P1AntGalore8017AAA8 00??00 - HandGun 01 - Machinegun 02 - Shotgun 03 - Rocket Launcher 04 - M16 With Infinite Ammo (NEW WEAPON!) 05 - New Cooler Handgun (NEW WEAPON!) 06 - Invisible Gun 1 With Infinite Ammo (NEW WEAPON!) 07 - Invisible Gun 2 With Infinite Ammo (NEW WEAPON!) 08 - Odd Inviso ShotGun With Infinite Ammo (NEW WEAPON!) 09 - Cool Rocket Launcher With Infinite Ammo (NEW WEAPON!) 14 - Silenced Handgun
TopGun Modifier P2AntGalore8017C428 00??
TopGun Modifier P3AntGalore8017DDA8 00??
TopGun Modifier P4AntGalore8017F728 00??
TopHave All CharactersInterAct8115D412 FFFF
8115D410 0003
TopHave C4 Detector [Slot 3] P1Code Master801587C8 0001
TopHave C4 Explosives [Slot 1] P1[email protected]801587C3 0001
TopHave Card Key [Slot 3] P1Code Master801587CA 0001
TopHave Flashlight [Slot 2] P1Code Master801587C5 0001
TopHave Handgun With Silencer (With Infinite Ammo)InterAct801587C4 0009
TopHave Key [Slot 3] P1Code Master801587C9 0001
TopHave Max Clips (Submachine Gun & Shot Gun) P1Code Master801587CD 000C
TopHave Rocket Launcher (With Infinite Ammo) P1[email protected]801587CB 0004
TopInfinite Ammo Handgun P3AntGalore8017DDB7 0009
TopInfinite Ammo Handgun P4AntGalore8017F737 0009
TopInfinite Ammo HangunInterAct8017AAB7 0009
TopInfinite Ammo ShotgunInterAct8017AAB3 0008
TopInfinite Ammo Shotgun P3AntGalore8017DDB3 0008
TopInfinite Ammo Shotgun P4AntGalore8017F733 0008
TopInfinite Ammo Sub MachinegunInterAct, [email protected], 0078017AA9F 001E
TopInfinite Ammo Sub Machinegun P2[email protected]8017C41F 001E
TopInfinite Ammo Submachine Gun P4AntGalore8017F71F 001E
TopInfinite Ammo Submachinegun P3AntGalore8017DD9F 001E
TopInfinite Ammo/Always Have Shotgun P2AntGalore8017C433 0008
TopInfinite Clips Shot Gun P1Code Master801587C1 0060
TopInfinite Clips Submachine Gun P1Unknown801587C0 000C7FFF - Square Button BFFF - X Button DFFF - Circle Button EFFF - Triangle Button F7FF - R1 Button FBFF - L1 Button FDFF - R2 Button FEFF - L2 Button FF7F - Left Direction FFBF - Down Direction FFDF - Right Direction FFEF -
TopInfinite HealthInterAct, [email protected]8017AABB 0064
TopInfinite Health P2AntGalore8017C43B 0064
TopInfinite Health P3AntGalore8017DDBB 0064
TopInfinite Health P4AntGalore8017F73B 0064
TopInvincible [Against Enemies]Hiei-YYH801793D8 0040
TopInvulnerable To Physical AttacksViper1878102DF98 2400
TopP1 Size ModifierAntGalore8017AAAA 00??00 - Normal Size 01 - Smaller than Normal 02 - Larger than Normal
TopP1 Vs. Mode Character Modifier[email protected]8111FCDA 00??Unfortunately, this code will not work with the other players or the 3 and 4-player modes.
TopP2 Vs. Mode Character ModifierRobb8111FCDE 00??
TopP3 Vs. Mode Character ModifierRobb8111FCE3 00??
TopP4 Vs. Mode Character ModifierRobb8111FCE7 00??In the 3 or 4-player mode, the quantity digits only go to `04' (Jake). The game may suffer from some glitches if you go past them.
TopShot Gun Disabled P1Code Master801587C7 0000
TopShot Gun Enabled P1Code Master801587C7 0001
TopSize Modifier P2AntGalore8017C42A 00??
TopSize Modifier P3AntGalore8017DDAA 00??
TopSize Modifier P4AntGalore8017F72A 00??
TopSubmachine Gun Disabled P1Code Master801587C6 0000
TopSubmachine Gun Enabled P1Code Master801587C6 0001
TopTime is Always 00:00:00Zap28110DD62 0000
TopInstant Win P1AntGalore8113A0CA C350For the 'Instant Point Match Win' codes, they all work, except for when you choose 'unlimited' as your goal points, in which case you simply start out with 50,000 points instead of 0!
TopInstant Win P2AntGalore8113A0CE C350
TopInstant Win P3AntGalore8113A0D2 C350
TopInstant Win P4AntGalore8113A0D6 C350
TopPress Z Button For Turbo/Walk Thru WallsZap2D013A6F4 0020
8117A17C 43C8
With this code, hold Z to walk faster than normal. To go through a wall or barrier, hold Z + Forward and hit A to do a forward roll. If you have any luck, you can roll through the wall, object, or barrier. This can also be used as a fake sort of moon jump. If you go on a higher ledge and do the roll trick off of it, you can have a bit of extra height. To get back down, you need to step on something at the same height as you.
TopHave Trial Mode UnlockedRobb8110DCEE 0004

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