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final kaoss

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81137E7C 4316 Extra Shields
80130B4D 007E All Levels / Ships
80130B10 0008 Infinite Lives
8010CA32 0008 Infinite Secondary Weapons
80130B87 0063 99 Bonus Collected
80130B85 0063 99 Kills
80130B86 0063 99 Saves
81137E7C 4136 1-Hit Death
81137E7C 4316 Infinite Health
GS Button For Gold Medals Won

88130B1C 00XX Ambush at Mos Eisley
88130B1D 00XX Rendezvou on Bankhesh
88130B1E 00XX The Search For The Noonnah
88130B1F 00XX Defection At Corellia
88130B20 00XX Liberation V
88130B21 00XX The Jade Moon
88130B22 00XX Imperial Construction Yard
88130B23 00XX Assault on Kile II
88130B24 00XX Rescue on Kessel
88130B25 00XX Prisons on Kessel
88130B26 00XX Battle Above Taloraan
88130B27 00XX Escape From Fest
88130B28 00XX Blockade on Chandrila
88130B29 00XX Raid on Sullust
88130B2A 00XX Moff Seerdon's Revenge
88130B2B 00XX The Battle of Calamari
88130B2C 00XX Beggar's Canyon
88130B2D 00XX The Death Star Trench Run
88130B2E 00XX Battle of Hoth

Replace XX with:
00 None
01 Bronze Medal
02 Silver Medal
03 Gold Medal
Top(Construction Yard) Allied Rogue Planes ModifiersRyan Toluchanian80213D73 00??
80213E77 00??
Top(Corellia) Allied Rogue Plane ModifiersRyan Toluchanian80215BF3 00??
802170BB 00??
802173FF 00??
8021767F 00??
8021777B 00??
8021A8F7 00??
Top(Fest) Allied Rogue Plane ModifiersRyan Toluchanian802154B7 00??
802155C7 00??
802156D7 00??
802157E7 00??
Top(Hoth) Allied Rogue Plane ModifiersRyan Toluchanian802155CB 00??
802156E3 00??
802157FF 00??
Top(Mos Eisley) Allied Rogue Plane ModifiersRyan Toluchanian80216C0B 00??
80218F9F 00??
8021920F 00??
00 - X-Wing 01 - Y-Wing 02 - A-Wing 03 - V-Wing 04 - Speeder 05 - Millenium Falcon 06 - Tie Interceptor 07 - T-16 Skyhopper 08 - Naboo Starfighter [Must Be Unlocked]
TopFest - Main Shield DownRyan Toluchanian80216793 0000
TopSullust - Main Shield DownRyan Toluchanian8021A067 0000
TopButton Activator 1CroccD0130B88 00??
TopButton Activator 2CroccD0130B89 00??
TopEnemies Act Somewhat StrangeRyan Toluchanian8001912C 0001
TopEnemies Act StrangeRyan Toluchanian80019124 0040
TopEnemies Go Backwards. (World Devastator Goes Over Hills With This Code, it Looks Neat)Ryan Toluchanian8001912B 0001
TopEnemies In WhirlwindRyan Toluchanian8001912A 0066
TopEnemies Tilt Up To 90 Degrees. (AT-ATs & WD's Look Neat)Ryan Toluchanian8001912E 0001
TopParallel Shock Waves From BlastsRyan Toluchanian8007000F 0004
Top99 Bonus Collected[email protected], [email protected]80130B87 0063
TopAmbush At Mos EisleyCode Master88130B1C 00??00 - None 01 - Bronze Medal 02 - Silver Medal 03 - Gold Medal
TopAssault On Kile IICode Master88130B23 00??
TopBattle Above TaloraanCode Master88130B26 00??
TopBattle Of HothCode Master88130B2E 00??
TopBeggar's CanyonCode Master88130B2C 00??
TopBlockade On ChandrilaCode Master88130B28 00??
TopDefection At CorelliaCode Master88130B1F 00??
TopEscape From FestCode Master88130B27 00??
TopImperial Construction YardCode Master88130B22 00??
TopLiberation VCode Master88130B20 00??
TopMoff Seerdon's RevengeCode Master88130B2A 00??
TopPrisons On KesselCode Master88130B25 00??
TopRaid On SullustCode Master88130B29 00??
TopRendezvou On BankheshCode Master88130B1D 00??
TopRescue On KesselCode Master88130B24 00??
TopThe Battle Of CalamariCode Master88130B2B 00??
TopThe Death Star Trench RunCode Master88130B2D 00??
TopThe Jade MoonCode Master88130B21 00??
TopThe Search For The NoonnahCode Master88130B1E 00??
Top1-Hit DeathCrocc81137E7C 0000
Top100% AccuracyCrocc80130B80 0064
Top99 KillsInterAct80130B85 0063
Top99 SavesInterAct80130B86 0063
TopAdd Sky To IntroCrocc80130B71 0011
TopAll Lasers Do No Damage For EveryoneRyan Toluchanian8005CB01 0021
TopAll Levels Except Bonus LevelsCrocc80130B5B 0001
TopAll Power-UpsCrocc80130B4E 00FF
TopAlmost No BuildingsCrocc80130B42 0002
TopAlways Pass MissionMango80130B14 0001
TopCamera Height ModifierCrocc8113846C ????
TopCan't Play Levels, Game Shows DemosCrocc80130B53 00FF
TopCan't Use Secondary WeaponsCrocc80130B43 0000
TopChange Intro BackgroundCrocc80130B73 00??00 - Ambush At Mos Eisley 01 - Rendezvous On Barkhesh 02 - Search For The Nonnah 03 - Defection At Correllia 04 - Liberation At Gerrard V 05 - Jade Moon 06 - Imperial Construction Yard 07 - Assault On Kile II 08 - Rescue On Kessel 09 - Prisons Of Kessel 0A - Battle Above Taloraan 0B - Escape From Fest 0C - Blockade On Chandrila 0D - Raid On Sullust 0E - Moff Seerdon's Revenge 0F - Battle Of Calamari 10 - Beggar's Canyon 11 - Death Star Trench 12 - Battle Of Hoth 13 - Normal Intro 14 - Bonus Level (Chicken Code)
TopChopped Up LevelCrocc80136DF9 0047
TopCompletion Time Is 00:00Crocc81130B73 0000
TopController Setting ModifierCrocc80130B45 00??00 - Luke's Setting 01 - Wedge's Setting 02 - Janson's Setting 03 - Hobbie's Setting
TopCrash After 1st ScreenZap280130B70 0001
TopDIRECTOR Cheat ActivatedCrocc80130B62 0001
TopDirector, Crash At Level LoadZap280130B71 0001
TopDirector, Crash At Ship SelectZap280130B6A 0001
TopEnable EverythingCrocc81130B7D 7EFF
TopFast Armor RegenerationCrocc81137E7E FFFF
TopFlat levelCrocc81136DD0 4000
TopFog ModifierCrocc80136FBC 00??
TopFunky Colors On TerrainMango80130B4C 0008
TopFunky FlyingCrocc80130B89 00FF
TopGround Color Modifier 1Crocc81136E00 ????41C0 - Red-Pink 42C0 - Normal 43C0 - Light Green
TopGround Color Modifier 2Crocc81136E04 ????4194 - Yellow 4294 - Normal 4394 - Purple
TopGround Color Modifier 3Crocc81136DFC ????41EA - Blue-Green 42EA - Normal 43EA - Red-Orange
TopGround Level ModifierCrocc81136DF0 ????
TopHave All Levels & ShipsCode Master80130B4D 007E
TopHeight ModifierCrocc81137DC4 ????
TopInfinite HealthCode Master81137E7C 4316With this code, you can still die if you run into something DEAD on.
TopInfinite LivesInterAct80130B10 0008
TopInfinite Secondary WeaponsInterAct8010CA32 0008
TopLanguage ModifierCrocc80130B46 00??00 - English 01 - German 02 - French 03 - Mystery Language #1 04 - Mystery Language #2
TopLast Objective DoneMango80130B15 0008
TopLevel ModifierCrocc800CDAC1 00??00 - Ambush At Mos Eisley 01 - Rendezvous On Barkhesh 02 - Search For The Nonnah 03 - Defection At Correllia 04 - Liberation At Gerrard V 05 - Jade Moon 06 - Imperial Construction Yard 07 - Assault On Kile II 08 - Rescue On Kessel 09 - Prisons Of Kessel 0A - Battle Above Taloraan 0B - Escape From Fest 0C - Blockade On Chandrila 0D - Raid On Sullust 0E - Moff Seerdon's Revenge 0F - Battle Of Calamari 10 - Beggar's Canyon 11 - Death Star Trench 12 - Battle Of Hoth
TopLevel Picture FlashesZap2800CDAC2 ????
TopLook Thru WallsCrocc81136DCA C180This code is very glitchy and unstable. It will freeze often.
TopMax FogCrocc80136FBC 0000
TopMax Sound FX Volume[email protected]80130B61 007F
TopMax Speech Volume[email protected]80130B62 007F
TopMax Volume[email protected]80130B60 007F
TopMountain Height ModifierCrocc81136DD0 ????
TopNo Armor RegenerationCrocc81137E7E 0000
TopNo ControllerCrocc80130B8C 0000
TopPosition ModifierCrocc81137DC0 ????
81137DC4 ????
81137DC8 ????
Find the place you want to start at, then look up the codes in the memory editor. If you want to use them as a starting point modifier, make the codes Cheat Device button activated (89). Also, the first code is the x co-ordinate, the second is the y co-ordinate, and the third code is the z co-ordinate.
TopPress Right C-Button For Fast AnimationRyan ToluchanianD0130B89 0001
8013959D 0010
TopPress Right C-Button For Invisible ShipMangoD0130B89 0001
80139563 0012
TopPress Right C-Button For No Other Rogues In LevelRyan ToluchanianD0130B89 0001
80139561 0012
TopPress Right C-Button For No RadarRyan ToluchanianD0130B89 0001
80139577 001D
TopRapid Fire Secondary Weapons[email protected]8010CA31 0000
TopScrews With SettingsMango80130B4F 0008
TopSecondary Weapon (Missile) ModifierCrocc80130B43 00??01 - Ion Cannon 02 - Missiles 03 - Seeker Missiles 04 - Bombs 05 - Proton Torpedoes 07 - Cluster Missiles 08 - Seeker Torpedoes 09 - Seeker Cluster Missiles
TopSuper InvincibilityCrocc80130B4D 00FFThis is much better than the Infinite Armor code. You can never die, even when you hit something dead on. You can go through any enemy (even AT-ATs) or building and blow it up without taking any damage.
TopVery Hilly LevelCrocc81136DD0 431C
TopWeapon Modifierjonathan80130B43 00??This code is great if used along with Interact's Infinite Secondary Weapon code! It allows you to use different weapons on different ships (bombs for the X-wing for example). It does not work well with the tie fighter or snow speeder, but it seems to work fine with the other ships though.
Replace ?? with the following digits to choose your weapon:
01 - Ion Blaster 02 - Missiles 03 - Homing Photon Torpedo 04 - Bombs 05 - Photon Torpedo 07 - Cluster Missiles 09 - Homing Cluster Missiles 0A - Unusable Ammo FF - Nothing
TopWeird Medal If Fail MissionMango80130B27 0008
TopAmbush At Mos Eisley Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B035C-70 00??
TopAssault On Kile II Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B03FC-40E 00??
TopBattle Above Taloraan Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B0434-49 00??
TopBattle Of HothRyan Toluchanian801B04DC-EA 00??
TopBeggar's CanyonRyan Toluchanian801B04B1-C1 00??
TopBlockade On Chandrila Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B045B-71 00??
TopDefection At Corellia Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B03A4-B9 00??
TopEscape From Fest Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B044A-5A 00??
TopImperial Construction Yard Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B03E0-FB 00??
TopLiberation Of Gerrard V Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B03BA-D1 00??
TopMoff Seerdon's Revenge Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B0483-98 00??
TopPrisons Of Kessel Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B0421-33 00??
TopRaid On Sullust Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B0472-82 00??
TopRendezvous On Barkhesh Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B0371-88 00??
TopRescue On Kessel Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B040F-20 00??
TopThe Battle Of Calamari Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B0499-B0 00??
TopThe Death Star Trench RunRyan Toluchanian801B04C2-DB 00??
TopThe Jade Moon Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B03D2-DF 00??
TopThe Search For The Nonnah Text ModifierRyan Toluchanian801B0389-A3 00??
TopCadetMintyfresh801B2864-6B 00??
TopCaptainMintyfresh801B289C-A7 00??
TopColonelMintyfresh801B28DA-E3 00??
TopCommanderMintyfresh801B28CD-D9 00??
TopEnsignMintyfresh801B286C-74 00??
TopFleet AdmiralMintyfresh801B28FD-90D 00??
TopFlight LeaderMintyfresh801B288E-9C 00??
TopGeneralMintyfresh801B28E4-EC 00??
TopGold LeaderMintyfresh801B28B8- C5 00??
TopLieutenantMintyfresh801B2880-8C 00??
TopLine AdmiralMintyfresh801B28EE-FB 00??
TopMajorMintyfresh801B28C6-CC 00??
TopOfficerMintyfresh801B2876-7F 00??
TopSquad LeaderMintyfresh801B28A8-B6 00??
TopSupreme Allied CommanderMintyfresh801B2890E-27 00??
TopTraineeMintyfresh801B285A-62 00??These codes modify the rank you hold, therefore you have to have the rank specified in order to change the name.
Top2 Cannon X-Wing (Choose X-Wing, Play Any Level)Ryan Toluchanian8005946C 0001
TopAircraft on RollercoasterRyan Toluchanian80019150 0003
TopAlls Off For Sky (Try This on Talorann)Ryan Toluchanian80059D2A 0001
TopAtmosphere Modifier/New LevelRyan Toluchanian81130B72 00??With this code, the ?? will be the level you play, but at the level select screen it will actual select a atmosphere. So if the last 2 ?'s were 00 for Mos Eisley and you picked Jade at the level select screen you'd be playing Mos Eisley at nighttime!
00 - Mos Eisley
01 - Barkhesh
02 - Nonnah
03 - Corellia
04 - Gerrard 5
05 - Jade
06 - Construction Yard
07 - Kile 2
08 - Rescue Kessel
09 - Prison Kessel
0A - Taloraan (Doesn't Seem to Work Well There)
0B - Fest
0C - Chandrila
0D - Sullust
0E - Moff Seerdon's
0F - Calamari
10 - Begger's Canyon
11 - Death Star
12 - Hoth
13 - Play Intro Demo
14 - Chicken
TopBig LasersRyan Toluchanian8005E650 0001
TopCamera Absolutely StationaryRyan Toluchanian8004D762 0001
TopEmpty Levels, Except For Ghost Enemies & StructuresRyan Toluchanian8103E712 0104
TopEnlarge All Buildings/Structures (Works Best on Chandrila)Ryan Toluchanian80059C97 0001
TopEnlarge Many Buildings/StructuresRyan Toluchanian80059C94 0001
TopIndestructable/Partial Walls Off (Not Even Hitting Something Dead on Will Kill You)Ryan Toluchanian81130B4C 37FD
TopMaximum Visibility (Works Best on Level Nonnah)Ryan Toluchanian80017100 0001
TopMinimum VisibilityRyan Toluchanian80017198 0001
TopMost Laser Fire Goes Off in The Wrong DirectionRyan Toluchanian8005CA46 0001
TopNo BackgroundRyan Toluchanian80042A20 0042
TopNo Lasers For You & Enemies (You Can Still Use Secondary Weapons)Ryan Toluchanian8005CB94 0001
TopNo Lasers For You & Other RoguesRyan Toluchanian8005CB92 0001
TopNo Vertical CameraRyan Toluchanian8004D7E2 0001
TopPancake All Buildings/Structures (Works Best on Chandrila)Ryan Toluchanian80059C88 0001
TopPancake Many Buildings/StructuresRyan Toluchanian80059C95 0001
TopPlay Level Modifier In DemoRyan Toluchanian81130B40 ????
81130B52 51B0
With this code, change the last 2 ?'s to the digits for the Atmosphere Modifier code, and change the first 2 ?'s to the digits of the plane that you want to fly in that level.
TopSee Full RadarRyan Toluchanian8001EBE2 0066
TopShip ModifierRyan Toluchanian80130B41 00??00 - X-Wing 01 - Y-Wing 02 - A-Wing 03 - V-Wing 04 - Speeder 05 - Millenium Falcon 06 - Tie Interceptor 07 - T-16 Skyhopper 08 - Naboo Starfighter [Must Be Unlocked]
TopShoot Through LandRyan Toluchanian8005CB35 000E
TopSudden Death, You & Enemies Have Super Powerful LasersRyan Toluchanian8005CB00 0001
TopTie & Walker Lasers go Slow & Last Only Short DistanceRyan Toluchanian8005CB75 000E
Top25443 Kills[email protected]80130B85 0063
80130B84 0063
Top77 Bonus Points[email protected]80130B87 044D
Top77 Bonus Points/77 Friends Saved/19789 Enemies Destroyed[email protected]80130B87 044D
80130B86 044D
80130B85 044D
80130B84 044D
Top99 Bonus Points[email protected]80130B87 0063
TopAircraft StretchedRyan Toluchanian80059BC4 0001
TopAircraft TwirlRyan Toluchanian80065E36 0001
TopATATs On Their Backs & Hogtied (Doesn't Work On Levels With Mini-Walkers, Jade, Fest)Ryan Toluchanian8001D8D0 0001
TopAwesome View Changing[email protected]80130B88 0063
TopBig Mess Up[email protected]8112CA3E FFFF
This code makes the game not start and can sometimes erase your data.
TopBlack FumesRyan Toluchanian80014647 00FF
TopBlue FumesRyan Toluchanian80014647 0063
TopController Mess Up (A, C-Right, C-Left)[email protected]80130B90 0063This is another one of the best codes I have made for Rogue Squadron. It is a `must have'.
TopDark Blue FumesRyan Toluchanian80014647 0003
TopDecapitated Skywalker Start ScreenRyan Toluchanian81055860 1199
TopDouble Cut Scene[email protected]8112CA3E 00FFThis code sometimes makes the cut scenes repeat.
TopEnemies SlantedRyan Toluchanian80059B97 0001
TopEnemies TwitchyRyan Toluchanian80019126 000C
TopErase All Saved Games, Set All Settings Back to DefaultRyan Toluchanian80006A16 0001
TopExorcist WalkersRyan Toluchanian80082A06 0001
TopFace Picture Modifier at Start ScreenRyan Toluchanian81130B58 00??01 - Red Bearded Guy 02 - Smiley Man 04 - Red Haired Man
TopGame Freeze During Intro[email protected]80132DDD 0063This code freezes the game during the intro scenes.
TopGame Freezes During Intro #2[email protected]80132DDD 0063
TopGround Level HighRyan Toluchanian80067E29 0001
TopGround OutlinedRyan Toluchanian80049A72 0001
TopInfarblue VisionRyan Toluchanian8001E550 0001
TopInfared VisionRyan Toluchanian8001E555 0001
TopInfargreen VisionRyan Toluchanian8001E55A 0001
TopJelly VisionRyan Toluchanian800250FF 00CF
TopL Button Mess Up #1[email protected]80130B88 000FThis code messes up the views when you press the L button.
TopL Button Mess Up #2[email protected]80130B88 000E
TopL Button Mess Up #3[email protected]80130B88 000D
TopL Button Mess Up #4[email protected]80130B88 000C
TopL Button Mess Up #5[email protected]80130B88 000B
TopLandscape Dark/no Pilot in PlaneRyan Toluchanian80021C88 0001
TopLasers Give Off Purple LightRyan Toluchanian8004B831 0001
TopLuke's Face Is DifferentZapdos8013B59 0001
TopMulticolor VisionRyan Toluchanian800254B7 0086
TopNeat Effect On Level Select Screen, Squish & Unsquishes ScreenRyan Toluchanian8001C888 0003
TopNo Explosion FlamesRyan Toluchanian80026837 0001
TopNo Laser & Other Types of Explosion EffectsRyan Toluchanian8000B207 0001
TopNo Music Just Sound FXRyan Toluchanian8008465A 0001
TopNo Sound Except For Voice ClipsRyan Toluchanian800849A9 0001
TopOnly See Intro[email protected]B11BCD89 A01D
TopPancake Many EnemiesRyan Toluchanian80059BD0 0001
TopPress Cheat Device Button To Freeze The Game[email protected]80130B90 0063This code is really fun for those cool moments when a ship is crashing.
TopReverse ControlsCrocc80130B4F 00FF
TopSee Full Level Select Picture at Level Select Screen (Looks Interesting)Ryan Toluchanian800212B9 0003
TopShadow VisionRyan Toluchanian8001513B 0003
TopSky OutlinedRyan Toluchanian8001F86F 0003
TopSky Tint GreenRyan Toluchanian8001F86F 0001
TopSky Tint Light GreenRyan Toluchanian8001F86F 0002
TopSmall Explosion FlamesRyan Toluchanian80026837 00FF
TopSometimes Different Crash Views[email protected]80130B91 0063This code sometimes makes the crash views messed up.
TopSometimes Different Crash Views #2[email protected]80130B92 0063
TopSpecific Things InvisibleRyan Toluchanian8011A84D 0061
TopStart Button Mess Up[email protected]80130B80 0000This code pauses the game all the time.
TopStretched Enemy PlanesRyan Toluchanian80059BDE 0001
TopStrobe Screen[email protected]80130B88 000B
TopView Change & L Vutton Mess Up[email protected]80130B88 00BC
TopView Changing Code[email protected]80130B88 000AThis code messes up the views if you press the Camera button.
TopWaffle VisionRyan Toluchanian800254A7 0055
TopWalkers Dance, Works on FestRyan Toluchanian8001D8D4 0001
TopWalkers Have Minor Problems With There HingesRyan Toluchanian8001D658 0001
TopWalkers Have Problems With There HingesRyan Toluchanian8001D65C 0001
TopWalkers Legs Messed upRyan Toluchanian8001D86E 0001
TopWalkers Legs ShakeyRyan Toluchanian8001D9F2 0001
TopWalkers ShakeyRyan Toluchanian8001DADF 0028
TopWalkers Swat There Legs up Into The AirRyan Toluchanian8001D87D 0001
TopWide VisionRyan Toluchanian8011A841 0009
TopWorld Devastator Exhaust Goes SouthRyan Toluchanian800414FF 00FF
TopWorld Devastator Has Little ExhaustRyan Toluchanian8004127F 0001
TopWorld Devastator Has No ExhaustRyan Toluchanian8004044F 00FF
TopAlle LevelUnknowne8675e83:59d0
TopUnendlich RaketenUnknowne8661d56:5958
TopUnendlich SchieldUnknowne867d1b3:59ff
TopUnendliche LebenUnknowne8675d48:595b

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