Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Cheat Codes for the Nintendo 64 games

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All levels and ships​

At enter passcode sceen you type DEADDACK and you will get all levels and ships.

All Powerups​

Type TOUGHGUY as a password.

Be Naboo Fighter​

Go to the passcodes screen and put in HALIFAX? as your code and hit enter. You will hear a buzz, next enter !YNGWIE! as your code and hit enter again. Another buzz but the code did work, go to any non-snowspeeder mission, Select the Naboo Fighter in the docking bay and enjoy!

Change Luke Skywalker​

At the pass codes screen, put in hardrock, go back to the start or options screen, and choose one, Luke's face will miracuously change into the creator of the game.


To play as a Tie interceptor enter TIEDUP at the passcodes screen.

Control AT-ST​

Enter CHICKEN as a password.

Credits Cheat​

Enter the word CREDITS at the Password Menu and you will be able to watch the Star Wars style Factor 5/LucasArts credits, accompanied by a Rogue music medley.

Fly a Black Cadilac​

Koelsch: Fly a black Cadilac in the place of a V-wing. Bad side: It froze for me when I paused Good Side: It is hilarious to see a automobile kicking the Empire's ass. Note: It uses the same weapons as the V-wing.

Fly the Millennium Falcon​

Enter FARMBOY as a password.

Fly the Tie Interceptor​

To fly the tie interceptor at the passcodes screen type TIEDUP to be able to fly the interceptor. To select the interceptor in the docking bay you must have the FARMBOY cheat on so you can acess the Millenium Falcon. Then you have to hold the control stick up for about 2 seconds, then it should move to the interceptor. It has bad shields, but is almost twice as fast as the a-wing, which is the fastest ship in the game. It also boasts four laser cannons but doesn't have any secondary weapons.

Hint: AT-AT Walkers​

To kill AT AT walkers easier, here's what you do: Let's say an AT-AT is going forward. Go directly behind it. Turn right, so you are parallel to the walker. Throw the tow cable exactly when you are about to pass it. Hold down the left brake. Turn left. Press thrust; you should now be going opposite directions. Turn left again. Keep doing this until you have tied up and either disabled or destroyed the AT-AT.


At the passcodes screen, enter CREDITS to see the credits. At the same screen, enter RADAR to get a better radar screen.


Go to passcodes in the option screen and type in yodahelp.

Music test​

Enter MAESTRO as a password.

Radar Code​

Ever notice how the radar in Rogue Squadron doesn't work like a "real" radar? If you go to the Passwords menu and enter the word "RADAR", it switches to a different mode, where the object with higher altitudes are displayed brighter than low-flying ships.

Unlimited lives​

Go to options on the menu screen and go to passcodes. THe screen will pop up and put in IGIVEUP. it will give you unlimeted lives. But remember it will reset when you turn of your system.

Unlimited lives​

Enter IGIVEUP as a password.

Use A-Wing on more missions​

Enter ACE as a password.

View intermission sequences​

Enter DIRECTOR as a password. A new option on the settings screen will allow the intermission sequences to be viewed.
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