Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike

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Ace Mode​

Earn gold medals in all standard and bonus single player campaign missions, and complete Tatooine Training all four times of the day to unlock Ace mode.

Audio Commentary​

Earn bronze medals in all single player campaign missons.

Bonus Missions​

Get the following amount of points to unlock the indicated bonus mission:

Death Star Escape - 10 points
Escape From Bespin - 20 points
Hoth Base Escape - 20 points
Attack on the Executer - 30 points
Endurance - 30 points

Documentary And Credits​

Successfully complete the Triumph of Rebellion misson on any difficulty setting to unlock a documentary and the credits.

Easy Mode​

Enter wimpiam! to get easy mode.

Easy Win on Defenders of Ralltir​

On the Defenders of Ralltir level, fly low and pick up the concussion grenades with your snowspeeder's tow cable. Fly over to a bridge, stay low, and let the bomb touch the brige. It will explode, and all enemies on it will be destroyed. This can also be used against Imperial AT-ATs to destroy them.

Empire Strikes Back Arcade Game​

Successfully complete all single player campaign missons to unlock the Empire Strikes Back arcade game.

Freeplay Code​

Enter "freeplay" at the password screen to get free tokens for the arcade machine.

Infinite Lives​

Go to the passcode entry screen and type in IIOUAOYE then enter the code. Go back to the rotating letters and enter WIMPIAM! *NOTE* This is a two part code. That means you enter the first code then the second.

Jedi Starfighter​

To get the Jedi Starfighter, enter BBGMYWSX and JEDIWHO?

Music Hall​

Entering the code "HARKHARK" unlocks Music Hall.

Naboo Starfighter​

Enter RTWCVBSH and BFNAGAIN to fly the Naboo Starfighter.

Star Wars Arcade Game​

Successfully complete the Triumph of Rebellion misson on any difficulty setting to unlock the Star Wars arcade game.

Unlock Credits​

Enter "LOOKMOM!" at the passcodes screen.

Unlock Documentary​

Enter "thedudes" at the password screen to unlock the documentary.

Unlock Jedi Starfighter​

To unlock the Jedi Starfighter, earn silver medals on all missions and bonus missions.

Unlock Naboo Starfighter​

Finish all of the Tatooine training missions during all four times of day by completing every objective and getting every hidden item.

Unlock Slave I​

Get bronze medals on all missions to unlock the Slave I.

Unlock TIE Hunter​

Obtain a gold medal on all missions to unlock the TIE Hunter in the hangar.
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