Star Wars - Rogue Squadron (USA) (Rev A)

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final kaoss

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TopActivator 1DGenerateKaneD0121758 00??
TopActivator 2DGenerateKaneD0121759 00??
TopDual ActivatorDGenerateKaneD1121758 ????
TopAll Power-Ups AvailableDGenerateKane, Zap28012171E 00FF
TopAlways Pass MissionDGenerateKane, Zap2801216E4 0001
TopEnable All Ships & All Levels (Including 3 Bonus Levels)DGenerateKane, Zap28112174D 7EFFYou still need to pass the mission before you can use the Naboo Fighter.
TopInvincibilityDGenerateKane, Zap28012171D 00FFCan hit dead on with the ground and walls, can fly through ships.
TopPower-Up CollectedDGenerateKane80121757 0001I don't know if this code will give you the powerup or not, I just know that it allows you to pass the mission if you needed to collect one.
TopRapid Fire Primary WeaponDGenerateKane, Zap280128AEC 00FF
TopRapid Fire Secondary Weapons[email protected]800FE621 0000
TopSecondary Weapon ModifierDGenerateKane, Zap280121713 000?1 - Ion Cannon 2 - Missles 3 - Seeker Missles 4 - Bombs 5 - Proton Torpedoes 6 - Advanced Bombs? (havent tried them yet) 7 - Cluster Missles 8 - Seeker Torpedoes 9 - Seeker Cluster Missles
TopShip ModifierDGenerateKane, Zap280121711 000?0 - X-Wing 1 - Y-Wing 2 - A-Wing 3 - V-Wing 4 - Snowspeeder 5 - Millenium Falcon 6 - Tie Intercepter 7 - T-16 Skyhopper 8 - Naboo Starfighter (Must have passed mission previously)
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