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    need help hacking my kids psp

    Hello new here i came across by a search for hacking psp's i bought my son a psp off ebay it's PSP-1003 DATE CODE 6D it has a mic button also I bought him a pandora battery so I could try and get him a few games of the net tried a tutorial I found on U-tube did not seem to work for me dont...
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    Psp hacking to play 6.37 games?

    I got a psp 3000 with official firmware 6.20. i use 6.20 tn, however i picked up a new game at the store, and it requires 6.37 firmware, and i dont wanna lose my iso loader...anyway around this?
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    Help with Hacking My PSP

    Hey guys, My PSP version is 3.95 and i was wondering what version should i update it to if i wanted to hack it. Also could someone post a link to a tutorial for hacking it without pandora's battery?
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    Hacking a 1003 with 5.5 original firmware

    I have downloaded Hellcat recovery flasher as instructed, it appears in the menu but as soon as I press X it says "the game cannot be started. The data is corrupt". What am I doing wrong? I upgraded to 5.5 accidentally, all I want to do is play films - I use Xillisoft to convert films to PSP...
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    Hacking PSP 1001 fat

    I need some help hacking my psp, I'm a total nub when it comes to these things. I been trying like crazy to hack it, downloading here and there, installing this and that, downloading programs and stuff, making a mms/pandora only to get 'corrupted data' in the pandora maker exe, nothing seems to...
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    Need help hacking my psp!!!

    Im totally confused and need simple and easy directions to get it hacked. I know i need a pandora battery but idk where to get it? also I need to know how to make a mms and download custom firmware onto my psp! So please message me or comment on this thread!!
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    Help hacking a 2001

    Hello, About a year and a half ago I modded my PSP-2001. I'm amazed I was able to do so, since I don't understand half of what I read on these forums and other sites despite spending quite some time researching the matter. I'm concerned that the method that I used has become outdated. Certain...
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    2 questions about hacking and custom firmare.

    Currently I do not own a PSP and I plan on purchasing a used one seeing as how the new 3000's carry firmware 6.37 which I believe cannot be enabled for homebrew (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE correct me if that information is false.) My first question deals with hacking. If I were to purchase a 3000...
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    hacking psp 1004 6.00 ofw

    what is the easyest way to hack a psp 1004 with 6.00 official firmware without pandora and demo games?
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    Hacking into my psp go n1004

    Just been offered a psp-go that says PSP-N1004 First thing I did was updating it via the internet. I'm running official 6.38 now. Big mistake no doubt... because I'm now trying to find a way to hack the baby. I like the 10 free games that came with it so far, but soon I will be wanting to...
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    Hacking a psp slim 2006

    Hello, my little brother has a psp slim 2006 that my father bought 4 years ago. When he bought it, it was already hacked by the seller. Nowadays, he was doing something with his friend and now the psp is not reading the isos in the MS and its running only original games. I saw the version of...
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    I have a PSP Phat and a MacbookPro, what are my options for hacking my PSP

    Greetings, New member here. I was referred here by someone on BitGamer. Apparently you guys know your stuff. I have a PSP Phat and a Macintosh Computer. What are my options for putting custom firmware onto the PSP that will allow me to play game ISOs. I have preemptively ordered a Pandora...
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    Hacking PSP3001 @ Ver 6.35

    RESOLVED! THANKS! Hello, I've tried nearly everything to get my PSP hacked and homebrewed. But I seem to be running into a roadblock here. I got as far as getting temp homebrew with the Everybody's Sukkuri game exploit. But past that, it seems to lose the homebrew and half the programs I put...
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    Need help hacking a PSP 1002

    Can someone link me to a direct thread or teach me how to hack my PSP 1002? <3
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    help regarding hacking my psp

    i have a psp 3004 with firmware 6.00... i want to play games on it that i download from the internet.... i didnt understood much from the site... will u plz tell me how to play the games without umd's in simple words plz...
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    Hacking My PSP 3000 09g

    OK just got my Daughter a new PSP 3000 09g I installed 6.39 LME-8 and changed the settings in video when you hit select button but every ISO i put on my psp iso directory says it's corrupt. Not sure what I'm doing wrong is there a better customer firmware that is easy and will work with all...
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    Hacking psp 3000 v 6.30

    i am having psp v 6.30 , please let me know if its hackable?
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    Hacking 5.00 ofw to cfw

    i have a psp 1000 that used to have 5.00 m33-6 but after playing it for awhile it has turned back to 5.00 ofw. i want to hack my psp back to 5.00 m33-6. so i try to upgrade to ofw 6.35 so i can use Hellcat's recovery flasher V1.65 to install 5.00 m33-6. but when i tried to update to 6.35 ofw...
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    hacking psp 2000 help!

    well as the title states, im trying to hack my psp n am needing some serious help. i recently bought a used psp 2000 and accidently update it to 6.37 ofw. ive been trying to use pspident to find out if my psp is hackable, but it required me to use chickhen r2 but it doesnt seem to work. so if...
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    first time hacking psp, need help please

    Hello :) Ok first heres what I'm working with: PSP3001 (the one that came with MLB the Show 11 and Grand Turismo), I believe it's a G09, and has FW 6.39. I just bought it, and my main objective here is to run some emulators and homebrews. Don't really care about game backups and isos or whatever...
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