I need a little help with my weird files change


Hello, okay just recently my files are being kinda stupid,
in my seplugins folder to the RCO folder i added these two particular files:
gameboot.pmf & opening_plugin.rco, they work just fine & then one day i said:
"hey, why not i just added some custom click sounds for my xmb menu,
i download the DMC (devil may cry) sound clicks & it doesn't work,

but...when i removed the opening_plugin.rco from the RCO folder
the stupid custom XMB custom click sounds works now...i was like "seriously?, wtf?"
i need help getting these three files all together to work, what do i need to do?, or move?,
i'm running a psp 1000 model 6.20 PRO-B7, many thanks!!

Auto-Merge: C'mon guys seriously it's been over a day i have no other options but over here.

Auto-Merge: c'mon throw me a bone here, :(
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