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    Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change

    Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change
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    Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change

    Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change
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    Pokedex 3D

    Easy Pokemon A new pokemon can be obtained once a day via spot pass. If you change the date on the 3ds when you go back into the game you get the message that a new pokemon has arrived. Do this indefinitely to catch 'em all.
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    Final Fantasy 2 Character Change Codes

    (For best viewing: Maximize screen, use ascii text view, word wrap on, 800x600 pixel screen) The GGCCC presents an OFFICIAL... ___________ ___________ __________ __________ __________ //////////// //////////// /////////// /////////// /////////// //// _____...
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    Region Change mod question...

    About the region change mod, it is ok to use tape instead soldering?
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    Why Did Boxes Change From Black To White?

    I was just wondering this. Does anybody know why the earlier Dreamcast releases are white while the later releases are black? I do prefer the black boxes. But I thought that was an interesting question
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    Gods Eater Burst: Change Equipment Skin with Cheatmaster Fusion

    So, I'm going to show you how to change skins from Blades, Guns, Shields NOTE: THIS ONLY CHANGES SKIN AND NOT THE STATS, SO DON'T COMPLAIN! Here are some Pictures as proof: Step 1: Open CMF by pressing "+" and "-" at the same time. Step 2: Go to "View Memory",on the left you will see a...
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    mgs psp disc change how?

    I have psp cfw 6.37 ME-7 ps1 games are all working fine but I'm now wondering one the ps1 classic metal gear solid has 2 cds both have. files img as eboot converts have both in a folder by copying a PSP game I've renamed to 2EBOOT.PBP because the first is already EBOOT.PBP the game but I can...
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    Can't change radio in GTA VCS

    I use UMDGen 4 to replace files. I have 2 iso's GTA VCS and CW. I can replace radio in GTA CW with my selfmade .at3 radios. But this doesn't work for GTA VCS. I tried to replace files from both games: CW >> VCS doesn't work VCS >> CW works VCS >> VCS works I suppose there are several .at3...
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    Wolfenstein 3d control change

    Is it possible to change the default controls of Wolfenstein 3D 6.0?
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    can i change psp buttons

    i want to change my psp home button with psp muting button can i change it,is there any program for it.???????
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    old to new cfw change

    Hi, I need some help with some advice, I recently lost my psp 1001 with CFW 5.50 prome-4. So I bought a new psp that is a 1002 with PSP Device Hook for Firmware 1.50. I wish to update to a newer CFW and I was wondering how I can go about that now days and which is the better CFW for my model...
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    Playing PSX games, do NOT change disc-load speed!

    ALWAYS use "normal" disc load speed. There is little to no difference between "fast" and "normal". "Fast" will freeze alot of games. I came asking for help a while ago about FF4 for PSX, saying it froze soon after seeing Golbez for the first time and no one seemed to know what the problem was...
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    I need a little help with my weird files change

    Hello, okay just recently my files are being kinda stupid, in my seplugins folder to the RCO folder i added these two particular files: gameboot.pmf & opening_plugin.rco, they work just fine & then one day i said: "hey, why not i just added some custom click sounds for my xmb menu, i download...
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    how to change 5.50 gen-d3 to pro B8??

    im trying to update my psp but its not letting me so i want to know if theres any way to update it or something. Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Auto-Merge: someone?
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