Game Contest - Metropolis Street Racer Extended to March 10

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The game for February is Metropolis Street Racer.
Speed Challenge Mode
Important, Please read this:
We will be playing for the best total time in Speed Challenge Mode. Important: To get to Speed Challenge mode, go to the main menu of the game, select Options, then Records, then Speed Challenge. Do all three tracks (San Fransisco, London and Tokyo) The faster your total time, the better chance you have of winning.

When you are finally ready to post what you think is your best time, this is the screen you will need to get a picture of:

The rules are:

Post your highest scores with a picture (use a capture device, cell phone, camera, etc.)
Deadline to post your scores is the last day of February at 12AM
No Cheating, of course
Please don't post your high scores from the past. Only post ones you earned while competing for this month's contest. i.e. make a new save.

If you happen to have a screen capture device you could even post video.

We are working on some great prizes for this month. They will be announced soon.
Prizes will be (subject to change)-

1st place: TBA

2nd place: TBA

3rd Place: TBA
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