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    Just a thought, I don't know if this site has come up with this question...would anybody be interested in doing some type of monthly Dreamcast contest? Every month, there would be a selected game to participate. Entries would be submitted by digital photo. The winner would receive an official...
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    Game Contest - Choosing a game for November

    I don't have anything in mind. Let us know what your favs are.
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    November Game Contest - Soul Caliber

    The game for November will be Soul Caliber. We will be playing in normal survival mode. Post your scores. The rules are: Post your highest score, preferably with a picture Deadline to post your scores is the last day of November at 12AM No Cheating, of course Please don't post your high...
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    Winners - November Game Contest

    Another great month of competition has come to a close. 1st place with 55 wins: TheCoolinator Reward: Premium Account at Donated by dcisozone 2nd Place with 52 wins: K_I_R_E_E_K sc.jpg Reward: Custom Forum Rank 3rd Place with 35 wins: Gary_b Reward: We'll have to...
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    October Game Contest - Winners announcement

    The first official Game Contest has come to an end. We had some really great competition between Hobofreak and Gary_b. Congrats guys! Here are the winners... 1st place with $4350.01: Gary_b Reward: Custom forum Rank, Certificate 2nd Place with $4,216.67: Hobofreak SUNP0227.JPG Reward...
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    Game Contest - Metropolis Street Racer Extended to March 10

    The game for February is Metropolis Street Racer. Speed Challenge Mode Important, Please read this: We will be playing for the best total time in Speed Challenge Mode. Important: To get to Speed Challenge mode, go to the main menu of the game, select Options, then Records, then Speed Challenge...
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    October Game Contest - Crazy Taxi

    The first Dreamcast-Talk game contest is underway. The game for October will be Crazy Taxi. We didn't get a chance to discuss what mode we will be playing in. I suggest Arcade rules at 5 minutes. The rules are: Post your highest score with a picture if possible Deadline to post your scores...
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    ChuChu Rocket VMU contest?!

    Apparently, in late 1999 there were rumours about a special "ChuChu Rocket" contest involving a downloadable VMU minigame. Read more about it here: Chu Chu Rocket Contest! - IGN So, does anybody know, if this ever happend? If so, what was the name of this game? What was it like? I'm keeping my...
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    Sonic's Biggest Fan Video Contest (2000 - 200X?)

    Who here remembers the competition which SEGA had where fans were asked to create and upload videos demonstrating that they were the biggest Sonic The Hedgehog fan? This would have been around the launch of Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast. I'm trying to find articles and videos from this...
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    Toughman Contest

    Cheat modeSelect the "Restore From Password" option from the "Game Setup" screen. Enter one of the following password to enable the corresponding cheat function. Effect Password All black opponent FQSTER Bloody, headless opponent RUBE Double game speed HYPER Expert mode SUPERG...
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    3 Point Contest

    Various AchievementsComplete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. Achievement How to unlock 3 Point Master (5 points) Point taken! You reached level 9 (or observed another player doing so) to ascend to 3 Point Master. Bank Shot Hero (5 points) Mighty! You...
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