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  1. F


    All bikes Turn sharply to the left immediately after your bike starts to move on Easy Street. Then, press Start, A(3), B, Select, A, B, Start. The screen will flash to confirm correct code entry.
  2. F

    Street Fighter Alpha

    Dancing Sagat 1. Select Charlie. 2. Begin a game and intentionally loose the match. 3. Choose "Continue" at the continue screen. 4. Defeat the character and loose to the next opponent. 5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have been defeated by all of the game’s characters. 6. After losing to...
  3. R

    Ultra Street Fighter 4 BLUS31218 01.12

    Credit:Randy97Killa Code: Infinite HP + Infinite S.C. Gauge + Infinite Revenge Gauge 0 00B3A998 3DC000C6 0 00B3A99C 61CE455C 0 00B3A9A0 81CE0000 0 00B3A9A4 81CE0008 0 00B3A9A8 7C0EF040 0 00B3A9AC 40820034 0 00B3A9B0 28110000 0 00B3A9B4 40820004 0 00B3A9B8 A23E6C68 0 00B3A9BC B23E6C20 0 00B3A9C0...
  4. F

    Street Fighter Alpha - ALL endings

    Street Fighter Alpha - Gameboy Color - ALL endings Developer: Crawfish Interactive Manufacturers: Virgin Interactive / Capcom Year: 2000 Genre: Beat 'em up (vs.) Max number of players: 1 No. of levels: 8 Difficulty: medium Start again when finished: no
  5. F

    Street Fighter 2 ALL endings

    Street Fighter 2 is a classic and has been ported almost everywhere. Gameboy also received it, so what about its endings?? Due to handheld hardware limitations, some features were cut or downgraded, but the "street fighter spirit" still remains! (even if controls are sometimes a bit annoying)...
  6. F

    Street Fighter 6 - All Bosses & Ending

    Street Fighter 6 - All Bosses & Ending Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game No Commentary PlayStation 5 (PS5) , XBOX or PC in 4K 60FPS (2023). 00:00 Intro 01:26 Thrasher Damnd 09:00 Cardboard Combatant 15:20 Final Boss JP 25:23 Ending all bosses, ending, showcasing all cutscenes movie edition, all...
  7. F

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX

    ControlsGo to Arcade mode. If you lose to your rival character the game (if you wanted I-ISM pluses), drop the continue numbers to 0 very fast. You will get a game over with a 'Try Again' on the middle. When you move the D-pad the buttons are glitched. If you want to cancel it, you can press...
  8. F

    Gravity Games: Bike, Street, Vert & Dirt

    Cheat CodesEnter one of these cheats at the cheatmenu: Code - Effect MAXSTATS - Max stats for all PIKARIDE - All bikes for all DMCDMAN - Dennis McCoys stats are set high BONEGUY - Bob Jones stats are set high FLYAWAY - Bird Brains unlocked BADGIRL - Hot Babe unlocked SIGMAN - Angus...
  9. F

    Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

    Attack Opponent After Winning a MatchAfter you win a match and your character does his/her victory pose, press Start. You'll be able to attack your fallen opponent while he/she is down.
  10. F

    Street Fighter IV

    PasswordsThe password screen can be found on the test/operator mode. Password Effect CHNB9FGC Gouki/Akuma will become playable. (either go to any char on the bottom row and press down or any char on the top row and press up) C5HSP3GN You will be able to fight against Gouki/Akuma...
  11. F

    Metropolis Street Racer (PAL)

    [h=3]Metropolis Street Racer (PAL)[/HEADING] Freeze Timer 780501EF 00003435 Start On Last Lap B80E3AFC 00000002
  12. F

    Metropolis Street Racer (USA)

    [h=3]Metropolis Street Racer (USA)[/HEADING] Infinite Jokers 1024168600000005 Chimaera In Slot 1 3DB124510000002D Garage Slot 1 Modifier Replace XX with the number listed with the car you would like for that slot. F259969000000001 3DB12451000000xx Garage Slot 2 Modifier Replace XX with...
  13. F

    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Import) (JAP)

    [h=3]Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Import) (JAP)[/HEADING] P1 Infinite Health DF50BF5A000000A0 P1 Low Health DF50BF5A00000001 P1 50% Health DF53BF5AC0705035 DF50BF5A00000050 P2 Infinite Health F641AA02000000A0 P2 Low Health F641AA0200000001 P2 50% Health F642AA02C0705035...
  14. F

    Street Fighter III Double Impact (USA)

    [h=3]Street Fighter III Double Impact (USA)[/HEADING] P2 Press X+A To Warp Left 2nd Impact Only978B2DAA20704D9E AA5B4E8800000000 P2 Press Y+B To Warp Right 2nd Impact Only978B2DAA60704DDE AA5B4E8800000FFF P1 Press L+R To Warp Up 2nd Impact OnlyF462B1DB40704E1E 4BA200D3000000C8 P1 Press A+B...
  15. F

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PAL)

    [h=3]Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PAL)[/HEADING] Infinite Energy P1 7DE5D30C 00000090 Quick KO On P1 7DE6D30C C0705033 7DE5D30C 00000001 Infinite Energy P2 A5C3519C 00000090 Quick KO On P2 A5C0519C C0705033 A5C3519C 00000001 Infinite A-Ism P1 6A636B4F 00000090 Infinite A-Ism...
  16. F

    Street Fighter III: Third Strike (USA)

    [h=3]Street Fighter III: Third Strike (USA)[/HEADING] P1 Infinite Health E76F2451000000A0 P1 Low Health E76F245100000001 P1 50% Health E76C2451C0705035 E76F245100000050 P2 Infinite Health 523F4B93000000A0 P2 Low Health 523F4B9300000001 P2 50% Health 523C4B93C0705035 523F4B9300000050...
  17. F

    Street Fighter Zero 3 (Import) (JAP)

    [h=3]Street Fighter Zero 3 (Import) (JAP)[/HEADING] Infinite Health P1 88338EF100000090 Infinite Health P2 B056397D00000090
  18. F

    Street Fighter II X (Import) (JAP)

    [h=3]Street Fighter II X (Import) (JAP)[/HEADING] Infinite Health P1 40FA01C700000090 Infinite Health P2 5837695A00000090 Low Health P1 40F901C7C0705033 40FA01C700000001 Low Health P2 5834695AC0705033 5837695A00000001 50% Health P1 40F901C7C0705033 40FA01C700000048 50% Health P2...
  19. F

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 (USA)

    [h=3]Street Fighter Alpha 3 (USA)[/HEADING] P1 Press Y+B To Warp Right 7256C9A660704DDE 9960090700000FFF P1 Press X+A To Warp Left 7256C9A620704D9E 9960090700000000 P1 Press L+R To Warp Up AB884B3540704E1E E75F1B64000000C8 P1 Press A+B to Warp Down 7256C9A6E0704E1E E75F1B6400000000 P2...
  20. F

    Street Fighter 3: Double Impact (PAL)

    [h=3]Street Fighter 3: Double Impact (PAL)[/HEADING] Infinite Time 5E8F6474 00000064 P1 Score Booster ‘p1 Vs P2 Only’ 37E13764 0000FFFF P2 Score Booster ‘p1 Vs P2 Only’ F86985A5 0000FFFF P1 Can Not Score ‘p1 Vs P2 Only’ 37E13764 00000000 P2 Can Not Score ‘p1 Vs P2 Only’...
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