October Game Contest - Winners announcement

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The first official Game Contest has come to an end. We had some really great competition between Hobofreak and Gary_b. Congrats guys! Here are the winners...

1st place with $4350.01: Gary_b

Reward: Custom forum Rank, Certificate

2nd Place with $4,216.67: Hobofreak


Reward: Custom Forum rank, Certificate

3rd Place with $3,500: DC_Tman

Could not find image proof, but we will take your word for it this time ;)

Reward: Certificate

Great competition guys, you really pushed the bar on Crazy Taxi excellence! Thanks to everyone for competing. Be sure to check out Novembers GOTM.

P.S. Sorry we don't have much for prizes this month, we are working on some things for the upcoming competitions.
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