dreamcast japanese color controllers, a closer look!

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Here is a little tiffy and a warning to avoid these guys. I know adam had a good video showing all the dc controllers and how he liked their clear/smoke one, but this is worth a read if you guys ever wanted to get one;

Branching from this topic;

What US Controller Color/Variants Were avalible? - Dreamcast-Talk.com

I spoke of some of my controllers there, and after sitting with a half hour of free time today, I figured I'd go ahead and try to finish a little project (as commented in the video, I was afraid of removing the transparent male plug of the Japanese colored controller).

Well I have alot of extra controller parts so I tested removing the shell on a few trash parts, and it wasn't so hard. I went ahead and started merging my extra sega sports controller with the clear Japanese one, with the special transparent plug;


Looks good, right?

Well, from a first glance, yes. I purchased the Japanese controller NEW in box, it was still sealed shut. But since I use my black/red controller, this was hardly ever used unless I was running two dc's (to level up mags in pso), or had another player (obviously I wasn't looking at the controller).

Apparently this controller came NEW to me with factory flaws;


All around the same spots. This is all due to the material used to make the controller. You don't realize it at first when you pick it up and play it, but once its apart in your hands, you realize just how cheap this plastic is. I've felt the plastic of the American color'ed controllers, and its much stronger than this stuff. It looks like its been warped, but by what? The ends of the controller there are hidden from sunlight when its in the box?

On top of that, a most aggravating point is just how weak this plastic is. When removing the screws INITIALLY (the first thing I did), this was apparently broken;


Which sucks, because that made it go from 6 to 5 screws for secure structure. When viewing the plastic in hand it also becomes very apparent how cheap the material was. Same with the "smoke" front shell, obviously very VERY different from the American made parts.

And lastly, while screwing it all back together, ANOTHER thread snapped;


This made the original idea of using the entire case from the Japanese controller only have 4 screws holding it together! I had to scrap the idea and use the black Sports Edition back part just so I can keep atleast 5 screws in the thing.

The final controller, you can even see stress marks on two more threads;


where if I were to possibly tighten the screws more, they would snap off as well.

Keep in mind, I'm a hardware junkie, I've done countless modifications like this, and have a strong opinion and feel for crappy material and good hardware.

If you want to invest in a Japanese color controller, avoid all hardware mods! Play with it lightly! Its...flimsy.

Also, incase anyone cares, the Japanese releases, as all dreamcast controllers (even my "super black") bare the code HKT-7700

edit; there are difference in the pcb's (the actual circuit board), as earlier ones have harder notches when they were made, some have different routs for circuitry, ect. Iirc the only controller that had different rubber pads that the buttons press into the pcb is the american release yellow controller, as for some odd reason they were orange instead of gray.
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