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    Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

    Level selection codes Code - Level TDR9CT8M2YVRN3 - Level 1 TDR9LT8M2YV963 - Level 2 TDR9LT9W2Y-96K - Level 4 R6KZBS7L1CTQMH - Unlock All Levels
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    Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    Level Passwords Enter the following codes at the password screen to take you to the corresponding level: Ice: DHCV Volcano: TJJT Internal: JMFJ Palace: QNFS Submarine: DCNC Cove: XDKV Fire: CFCS
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    Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker

    Level Passwords Password - Level C76564J - Level 2 L88R8TC - Level 3 Y539WZG - Level 4 NTTJ9KY - Level 5
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    Best Morphs The best morphs are: Tiger (very strong) Lion (a bit weaker than the tiger) Cheetah (good at dodging) Elephant (strong punch attack) Wolf (good against the lion but weak to kangaroo) Hippo (like the elephant but can swim) Orca (like the hippo) Seagull (weak but can fly and dodge well)
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    All bikes Turn sharply to the left immediately after your bike starts to move on Easy Street. Then, press Start, A(3), B, Select, A, B, Start. The screen will flash to confirm correct code entry.
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    WWF Wrestlemania 2000

    Perform 'Special Moves' When the bar, underneath your health bar goes up to full, press SELECT at the appropriate time (eg. when your opponent is standing up, for the Rock Bottom) and watch your wrestler lay the smackdown on your opponent! (To see a wrestler's 'special move' go to 'Biographies'...
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    Resident Evil Gaiden

    99 Handgun Bullets You have to be in the engine room before fighting the B.O.W. on the 12th save point. Die on purpose when fighting the B.O.W. Use a continue. Get the handgun bullets and keep doing this until you have 99 handgun bullets.
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    Street Fighter Alpha

    Dancing Sagat 1. Select Charlie. 2. Begin a game and intentionally loose the match. 3. Choose "Continue" at the continue screen. 4. Defeat the character and loose to the next opponent. 5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have been defeated by all of the game’s characters. 6. After losing to...
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    James Bond 007

    Play Blackjack When you create a new file, type in your name as BJACK. You should be able to play a card game that you also play in the 3rd level.
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    Toy Story 2

    Defeat The Prospector Keep your distance. And when the Prospector is barely on screen, kneel down and fire. Eventually, he will run out of the room.
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    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

    $50,000 with Tony Hawk, No Objectives Your Password: V!T!MBBBBBVV
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    Level passwords 2 - K6T@1 3 - 1QT@@ 4 - KQYXY 5 - 1@FVQ 6 - K@FVP 7 - @JFV4 8 - KJFZR 9 - 16TJV
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    Harvest Moon (Gameboy Color)

    Automatic Watering First water your crops then when you go to sleep as soon as the screen turns white turn off your gameboy. When you turn on your gameboy again look at your crops, they're all watered.
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    Front Line: The Next Mission - Game Boy Color - ending

    A front line (alternatively front-line or frontline) in military terminology is the position(s) closest to the area of conflict of an armed force's personnel and equipment. Although the term "front line" first appeared in the 1520s, it was only in 1842 that it was recorded used in the military...
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    Paper Mario: Color Splash

    Card ChampionPurchase 200 Battle Cards from Prisma Cardware.
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    dreamcast japanese color controllers, a closer look!

    Here is a little tiffy and a warning to avoid these guys. I know adam had a good video showing all the dc controllers and how he liked their clear/smoke one, but this is worth a read if you guys ever wanted to get one; Branching from this topic; What US Controller Color/Variants Were avalible...
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    Need Help: Identifying This Dreamcast Color Variant

    Hello, I am pretty new here and I have a question. I have seen guides with all the Dreamcast color variants, but I have not seen mine anywhere! I haven't been able to find anything on this Dreamcast, so I have decided to ask you all. What is with this Dreamcast? unnamed.jpg unnamed (3).jpg...
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    Pocket Tennis Color Cheat Codes for (Neo Geo Pocket)

    Alternate costumes Highlight a character on the selection screen, then press B. | [Sent by DayleJ] Play as Ambia Defeat the three opponents in the first tournament in tournament mode to unlock an amoeba player which turns into a racquet when hitting the ball. | [Sent by DayleJ] Play as...
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    Baseball Stars Color Cheat Codes for (Neo Geo Pocket)

    Easy wins To make a shorter and easier season, change the game settings to "1 Inning" and select a team with good pitching and batting. A good team to use are the El Condors, since Ghost is a good pitcher and Cruz is a good batter. Choose to be the away team and bat first. If you do not...
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