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Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble

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Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Instruction Booklet

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Table of Contents

Starting the Game...........................6
Continuing the Game.........................7
Game Screen.................................8
Map Screen..................................9
Controller Functions........................10
Dixie Kong..................................12
Kiddy Kong..................................14
Kong Family.................................16
Animal Friends..............................17
Kremlins & Baddies..........................18
New Features................................20
Treasures & Items...........................22
Page 4
Trouble Again!

Months after their victory against King K. Rool and his army of baddies,
the Kongs were still celebrating. Soaking up the sun in their favorite glade
on DK Island, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong often slung up hammocks, hit the
music and spent the day chilling out with banana milkshakes. If she couldn't
think of anything better to do, Dixie Kong sometimes joined them.
This morning, though, Dixie was surprised to find Diddy's room deserted.
Up and about so early? That wasn't like him. It was only as she turned to
leave that she spotted the scribbled note on the table. "Gone exploring the
islands with DK," it read. "Back tomorrow!" Dixie could remember at least
three times that they'd already tried this plan. Each time, they'd never
made it further than the beach. That's where she first went looking for them.
She realized well before she got to the beach that it was far too quiet for
Donkey and Diddy to be anywhere near. Surely they hadn't followed one of
their hare-brained schemes all the way through for once? The sun moved slowly
across the sky and melted on the western horizon. Dixie hoped that her friends
were having fun, wherever they were, as she settled into bed with a yawn.
Page 5
When morning came again, another brief swing through the branches confirmed
that Diddy was still off on his little expedition. Dixie found herself
starting to worry. She could only imagine what kind of trouble Donkey Kong
and Diddy Kong were into. As the day crawled on and the night fell on the
jungle, neither of the primates showed up. Again, Dixie could do nothing but
head home to bed and hope that they'd be back by dawn.
The next day came, but neither Donkey nor Diddy returned. Dixie had to find
out what those two primates were doing! She made her way to the southern part
of DK Island and swan to the nearest mainland.
When she got there, she happened upon Wrinkly Kong's home. Wrinkly Kong
told Dixie that the boys had passed by, but they hadn't said were they were
going. She suggested that maybe the boys visited Funky Kong at his beach
shop. As Dixie was leaving, Wrinkly asked if she'd look for the mysterious
Banana Birds. The birds have been seen in the cave across from Funky's
Rentals, but no one seems to know how to get them out. Dixie agreed and
thanked Wrinkly for her help. She set out to see Funky at his shop.
Funky Kong was busy working on one of his inventions, and his shop was
full of unusual items. He can find a use for anything that he gets his hands
on. Funky told Dixie that the only visitor he's had all week was Kiddy Kong.
Funky pointed across the room to the cuddly toddler who was chewing on an
old spare tire. Funky asked Dixie if she wanted to take Kiddy with her. He's
strong and can take good care of himself. Dixie agreed and the two were off.
Before they left, Funky told them to keep their eyes peeled for some cool
junk! He also told them to visit his friendly pals, the Brothers Bear, for
Once on their travels, Dixie and Kiddy discover a whole new collection of
Kremlings who seem to have a new Master named KAOS.
Page 6
Starting the Game

First, you've gotta plug the cartridge into your Super NES. Then, turn the
power on. Press START when you're ready for a great adventure!

Save Slot
When you start the game, you'll get to the slow in which to save your
progress. You will choose the type of game (1P GAME, 2P CONTEST or 2P TEAM)
and then you'll enter your name (up to five characters). You'll be able to
copy and erase your saved games from this screen, too. If you're continuing
a previously saved game, you'll be able to select the saved game on this

There are several ways you can play Donkey Kong Country 3. The traditional
way to adventure is in one-player mode; however, you can experience
two-player excitement with DKC3 too!

1P GAME: In this mode, you control both characters to see if you can finish
all the levels
2P CONTEST: Take turns with a friend to see who can finish the most levels
in the shortest time
2P TEAM: Both players take turns. One player controls Dixie Kong, and the
other controls Kiddy Kong.
Page 7
Continuing the Game

One of the coolest features in the Kongs' video game adventures is the ability
to save your progress. Check out the following information about how to
save your games.

Wrinkly's Save Cave
First, you'll have to make it to Wrinkly's Save Cave so that Wrinkly Kong
can save your game. Wrinkly has a cave in each world! When Wrinkly Kong
saves your game, you'll see a summary of your progress on the screen.

Items Collected*
*These items help you advance farther in the game or reach new locations
in previous areas. You get them from some of the bears and level bosses.
Page 8
Game Screen

During game play, the different counters appear when you collect an item.
The following things might appear on the screen.

Banana Counter
This keeps track of how many bananas you collect. Get 100 for a free

K-O-N-G Letters
Collect the set to earn a free life.

Life Meter
This appears when you get an extra-life balloon, or lose a life, to let
you know how many lives you having remaining.

Bear Coin
Collect these coins to pay for items in the bears' shops and also to pay
for Swanky's games. See page 22 for more information on coins.

In the Bonus Levels, you will have a limited amount of time to get the
Bonus coins.
Page 9
Map Screen

During your DKC3 adventure, you'll have many terrains to explore. There
are eight worlds to conquer, ranging from the depths of Lake Orangatanga to
the dizzying heights of the majestic K3. In each of the worlds, Wrinkly will
help you save your game. Also, in each area, the Kongs have the opportunity
to visit the Brothers Bear. Each of them has a task or problem that you can
try to help them.
Helping them out means good news for you. To guide your progress across
the maps, a Krem Flag will show you where to visit next. If you complete a
level, you will raise the flag of your leading Kong character, pink for Dixie,
blue for Kiddy. If you find all of the bonus rooms, the flag will fly fully
in the wind. If you manage to defeat the Koin baddy, a special gold pennant
will also appear on the flag pole.
Page 10
Controller Functions

You've got a bunch of things you can do with your characters. With all of
these different movements and attacks, you should study this section
thoroughly before you begin your adventure.

+Control Pad

*Move characters up ropes
*Make characters swim up faster
*Hold up to throw barrel, or throw teammate upwards when releasing Y button

*Make characters crouch
*Make characters move down ropes
*Make characters swim down faster
*If holding a barrel, press down and release Y button to put it down

Up and Down
*Toggle between high/low throw in snow boss game
*Choose between options in
*Kong Family rooms and shops
*Swerve Squitter's shots when fired (both attacks and web platforms)

Left and Right
*Move characters left and right
*Make characters exit quickly from rooms
*Fire side thrusters on rocket barrel

Up, Down, Left and Right
*Move vehicles and characters around both sub and world maps

*Change characters when you have both
*Switch between players in Two-Player Team mode

*Pause game
Page 11
L and R Buttons
*Spin Squitter's web platform
*L Button: Use to have Ellie grab water
*R Button: Use to have Ellie shoot water

Y Button
*Tap to Roll as Kiddy Kong
*Tap to Helicopter Spin as Dixie Kong
*Hold to Helicopter Spin in the air with Dixie Kong
*Pick up barrel, release to throw
*Pick up barrel with Squawk's relative, release to throw
*Pick up barrel with Ellie, release to throw
*Press and hold to move faster
*Execute Animal friends' normal attack
*Execute Water vehicles' turbo when held down
*Throw other character when teamed up

B Button
*Make characters jump
*Press to fire players from barrel
*Throw balls in 3D sections (Swanky's Side Show)
*Press to enter levels or rooms
*Choose option in family rooms and shops
*Disembark from vehicles on main world map
*Make Squawks flap his wings to gain height

X Button
*Jump off animal friend
*Honk horn in water vehicles

A Button
*Team up when you have both characters
*Split up team when you are teamed up
*Spin Squitter's web platform
*While holding down on the +Control Pad, use Ellie's trunk to get water
from the lakes and waterfalls
*Tap to fire water shots from Ellie, or hold down for rapid fire
*Throw balls in 3D sections (Swanky's Side Show)
*Charge up Enguarde for his special attack
*Disembark from vehicles on the main world map
Page 12
Dixie Kong

Dixie Kong is in the starring role as she quests across the islands in
search of her friends. She has terrific adventuring abilities as she
navigates tough terrain with her Helicopter Spin.

Dixie's Advantages
Dixie Kong is a superb jumper. Using her Helicopter Spin, she can make
unbelievably long leaps to avoid obstacles. Her Helicopter Spin is also
handy for slowing her descent.

Dixie's Helicopter Spin
Spinning her ponytail to create a helicopter effect gives Dixie Kong an
almost unfair advantage. By pressing and holding the Y Button, she can
virtually float on air as she falls. Her Helicopter Spin is also a force
to be reckoned with on the ground as she whips her hair around to defeat

Dixie Kong tosses barrels and kegs with her ponytail! She holds the
barrels above her head, giving her a slightly different throwing trajectory
than Kiddy's. Press up on the +Control Pad while throwing to launch an item
Page 13
Growing up on an island, Dixie Kong learned how to swim at a young age.
She's as much at home in the water as she is in the trees. Tap the B
Button to make Dixie Kong swim. Press and hold the Y Button while swimming
to make her swim faster. Use the +Control Pad to guide Dixie Kong through
underwater obstacles.

Press and hold the Y Button as you move the +Control Pad to make Dixie Kong
run. Running is helpful when you're trying to beat the clock in a bonus
level. While running, Dixie Kong will automatically pick up items.

Being a monkey, Dixie Kong can climb like crazy. Press and hold the Y
Button to climb faster

Team Up
If Kiddy throws Dixie upwards, she can reach places that are out of the
normal jump range. If Dixie throws Kiddy upwards, she can steer him to
drop down and smash fragile holes.
If Dixie throws Kiddy against a wall then jumps on him before he stops
moving, she can ride him as if he were a steel barrel.
Page 14
Kiddy Kong

Kiddy's a portly toddler with lots of power. He can reveal secret areas by
breaking down doors and smashing the ground. He's much like Donkey and
Diddy Kong in the way he seems to get into trouble all the time.

Kiddy's Advantages
Kiddy's roll enables him to make jumps that are longer than the average
jumps. Also, notice that Kiddy carries the barrel out in front of him and
that it acts like a shield as he runs into enemies. Kiddy can also swim
across water by rolling from land and tapping Jump as he hits the water.
This will help you traverse long water sections easily, without having to
swim through all the baddies below.

Kiddy's signature roll attacks lets him bowl over enemies. If he rolls of
the edge of a platform and then jumps, he'll jump farther than normal.
Page 15
Kiddy can pick up barrels and certain enemies (after stomping on them), and
then toss 'em like yesterday's trash! Press up on the +Control Pad to
launch an item upward.

Jumping is a vital skill if you plan on finding Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.
You can jump on top of some enemies to attack them.

You might thing that because Kiddy Kong is so big, he'd sink to the bottom
at the lake. That's not true! In fact, Kiddy Kong is quite a good swimmer.
Tap the B Button to make Kiddy swim. Press and hold the Y Button to make
him swim faster. Use the +Control Pad to guide Kiddy Kong through
underwater obstacles.

Hold down the Y Button as you move to make Kiddy run. Running makes the
game faster and more exciting. While running, Kiddy Kong will
automatically pick up items.

Yes, this young ape can climb like the rest of the Kongs. Press and hold
the Y Button to make him climb faster.
Page 16
Kong Family

Everyone's getting in on the act! This time around, the Kong Family members
offer their services for free, with the exception of Swanky Kong (of course)!
You'll find Kong Family members in every world.

Funky's Rentals
He has opened up his own boat rental shop, which the Kongs can use for free.

Wrinkly's Save Cave
She stays at home this time, exercising, watching T.V. and playing video
games! Stop by for a visit and she'll save your game.

His show's on the road now. Play the throwing game to win top quality

Your opponent in the throwing game, Cranky has the chance to prove he's
Page 17
Animal Friends

Ellie the Elephant
This heft young herbivore can use her trunk to pick up and shoot barrels at
enemies. She can also suck barrels toward her if they're out of reach.
Ellie has the ability to suck up water, which she uses to shoot at the

Enguarde the Swordfish
If you caught Enguarde in a previous adventure, you know he's a keeper.
Using his incredible swimming ability and his sharp bill to knock out
enemies, Enguarde is a great friend to have on your side!

Squawks the Parrot
He can fly, but he's no lightweight! The egg-spitting Squawks returns from
previous adventures to lift Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong to higher ground!
Squawks has relatives who can pick up barrels with their claws and bomb the
baddies below.

Squitter the Spider
He's a blast for the past! Squitter returns to shoot his webs, which can
take out most baddies with ease. His web platforms create stepping stones
across gaps that would normally be impassable.

Parry the Parallel Bird
This fellow is never too far away and helps you collect out-of-reach items.
Once you release Parry, he will follow you from above, collecting items.
Page 18
Kremlings & Baddies

Here are just a few of the Kremlings and Baddies that will try to stop you
from finding Diddy and Donkey.

Standard Kremling baddy, a real pushover.
Sharp-toothed snapper who goes for players' heels.
A real tough guy among the Kremlings; don't take him head on! Dixie Kong
bounces off Krumple if she jumps on him. Kiddy Kong will defeat him with
a single bounce on the head.
Propeller-wielding baddy that can dive from the skies to attack. You can
gain height by jumping repeatedly on Kopter's head.
Cowardly character who hides in his barrel-throwing bombs-very nasty!
Exclusive rope baddy who shimmies towards the players. This tough member
of the Klasp family who'll home in on you if you stay on the same rope for
too long.
His springy tail can propel him towards players at speed-beware!
He's armed with a powerful launcher that can fire about anything. If Bazuka
is firing horizontally, you can safely stand on the barrel of his gun.
Page 19
Sneaky rat baddy who scares Ellie if she ever sees him.
Tough hedgehog baddy with a roll attack. Defeat this guy only from the
This defensive baddy will protect the DK Coin at all costs. The Steel
Barrel is the only thing that will defeat Koin.
Multi-talented flying baddy, whose buzzsaw protects his whole body from
attack. A red-colored Buzz can not be defeated.
Sharp-beaked peril who can get stuck in the wood if he misses the players.
Colorful clown-fish that patrols the waters on DK Island.
This hungry fish is your friend-unless you don't keep him constantly fed!
Bounty Bass
Gluttonous fish that holds big bonuses if you get a chance to defeat him.
Page 20
New Features

This sections describes what's new in the game.

Brothers Bear
This time, in addition to being helped by the Kongs and your animal buddies,
you can call on the services of the Brothers Bear, who live in cabins all
around the world and sub-worlds. There are thirteen of these friendly
characters, and each one of them offers you something totally different.

The shopkeeper of the island has many goods for sale, at a price!
This guy runs the gift shop. He drives a hard bargain, so be prudent with
you spending. Sometimes it's worth spending a little extra for a necessity.
He's big, he's bad and he's got an attitude to match. Kongs beware!
He tries to be sarcastic but gives secrets to the players accidentally.
His name says it all; he's a very unhappy bear. Can you cheer him up?
Brigadier Bazooka
Brigadier Bazooka is an old army veteran of the Kremean war.
He's trying to scale K3.
Bramble's the name, Botany's the game. This bear just loves flowers.
Benny and Bjorn
These two identical twins run the ski lifts on the mountain.
This cheeky bear just "borrows" and swaps items as he needs them.
Baffle loves codes and spends days at a time trying to decipher them.
He holds the secret to the Lost World, but you have to find him first.

Banana Birds

As you progress through the quest, you'll find Banana Birds. Once rescued,
these mystical birds will fly to the Save Cave, where Wrinkly Kong looks
after them.
Page 21
Swanky's Side Show

This time, Swanky has got a great new side-show game. The game focuses
on throwing. In the one-player game, Cranky finally gets a chance to show
how good he really is, as he will be your opponent!

Funky's Rentals

The vehicles provide progressive access during the game; Funky creates new
ones for you to explore further around the main map, where a previous
vehicle would not make it. We'll show you two of the vehicles. Can you
find more? There's a rumor that Funky has a special vehicle for master

The next step up, the hovercraft has more power against the currents.
Motor Boat
At the start of the game, this will be all that the characters have
Page 22
Treasure & Items

DK Coin
You'll have to defeat a Kremling named Koin to get this golden treasure!
You haven't really finished a level until you've collected the DK Coin.

Bear Coins
Use these coins to play Swanky's games and to pay for items in the Brothers
Bear shops. You'll find these coins all over the continent.

Bonus Coins
You'll earn Bonus Coins in all the Bonus Levels hidden throughout the game.
You can use Bonus Coins to pay off Boomer in return for his big secret!
There are four types of Bonus Levels. In these levels players will need
to collect a set amount of stars within the level, grab a set amount of
stars which appear one at a time, defeat all the baddies on the level, or
find the coin which is in the bonus level.
Page 23
Bananas and Banana Bunches
It's possible to get every banana. The bananas may point you in the
direction of secret areas, hidden items, or the end of the level.

No Animal Sign
This sign indicates that your animal friend cannot continue beyond this
point. If you try to go past, he'll simply disappear. You'll be rewarded
depending on how difficult it was to reach the sign.

Extra-Life Balloons
Pop one of these things to get an extra life.

Kong Letters
Collect the letters to spell KONG and earn an extra life.

Level Flag
To beat a level, raise the flag by grabbing the rope at the end of the
Page 24

There are tons of barrels throughout the continent. You can learn what most
of the do by simply jumping into them.

Auto-Fire Barrel
This barrel will automatically launch you to places you probably couldn't
reach otherwise.

TNT Barrel
TNT Barrels explode when they are thrown. The explosion from this barrel
can open hidden areas.

Bonus Barrel
Bonus Barrels launch you into Bonus Levels when you jump into them.

DK Barrel
Here's where you'll find your partner if you don't already have him or her
with you. If you already have both characters, you won't be able to break
this Barrel when it is in mid-air.

Invincibility Barrel
Break these barrels to gain temporary invincibility.

Tracker Barrel
These barrels will shoot you out and then follow you to the left or right.
Page 25
=============================================================================================Steel Barrel
You'll find these scattered about the island. Picked up and thrown, they
make good weapons to bean enemies with. These things are reusable, too!

Star Barrel
Star Barrels make a midway point in the stage. If you break one of these
barrels, you'll continue from that point if you lose a life later in the

Engaurde Barrel
Swim into this barrel and you'll turn into Enguarde the swordfish.

Squawks Barrel
To reach higher areas, you've got to try this barrel. You'll become the
egg-spittin' Squawks.

Booster Barrel
Jump into one of these barrels and you'll be launched to higher ground.

Squitter Barrel
Oh, what tangled webs we weave. If you encounter this barrel, you can
become the eight-legged Squitter.

Ellie Barrel
This is how you become Ellie. Simply jump in and you'll be transformed.
Page 26


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Nintendo Consumer Assistance Hotline
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DKC 3...A to Z!

OK, so you've been through the manual. That's good--you know the basics.
But there's SO much more! Exactly the reason we've enlisted the pros at
Nintendo to produce a lavishly comprehensive PLAYER'S GUIDE for DKC 3. Oh,
by the way, getting all of those Bear Coins can really be a bear. (Actually,
it's a bear-and-a-half...we round down to keep it simple.) But it's no
trouble at all if you've got the DKC 3 Player's Guide!

Call 1.800.XXX.XXXX to order your copy!
Page 27


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