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  1. X

    Final Fight: Double Impact

    AchievementsComplete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. Achievement How to unlock Anti Hero ( 10 points ) Magic Sword: Decide to take the Black Orb. Cody-pendant ( 15 points ) Final Fight: Complete all levels with Cody. Coin Gobbler ( 20 points )...
  2. F

    Double S.T.E.A.L. The Second Clash

    Car Parts TokenCollect all 50 car parts.
  3. F

    Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

    All Pedestrians Have WeaponsPress Black, R, Y, A, White, L, Up, Down during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry. Some pedestrians will throw bombs or shoot at you if you steal their car. Saving the game will make the effects of this code permanent.
  4. F

    Street Fighter III Double Impact (USA)

    [h=3]Street Fighter III Double Impact (USA)[/HEADING] P2 Press X+A To Warp Left 2nd Impact Only978B2DAA20704D9E AA5B4E8800000000 P2 Press Y+B To Warp Right 2nd Impact Only978B2DAA60704DDE AA5B4E8800000FFF P1 Press L+R To Warp Up 2nd Impact OnlyF462B1DB40704E1E 4BA200D3000000C8 P1 Press A+B...
  5. F

    Street Fighter 3: Double Impact (PAL)

    [h=3]Street Fighter 3: Double Impact (PAL)[/HEADING] Infinite Time 5E8F6474 00000064 P1 Score Booster ‘p1 Vs P2 Only’ 37E13764 0000FFFF P2 Score Booster ‘p1 Vs P2 Only’ F86985A5 0000FFFF P1 Can Not Score ‘p1 Vs P2 Only’ 37E13764 00000000 P2 Can Not Score ‘p1 Vs P2 Only’...
  6. C

    Surpised no one has thought to use double density cd roms

    Amazon.com: Delkin Devices DDCD-R-SA/25 SPINDLE Retail Cakebox Spindle - 25 Pack: Home Audio & Theater they hold about exactly (if not a tiny bit more) than a gd-r. im surprised no one has thought to use these for the dreamcast yet. first time i ehard about them was today but they have...
  7. C

    SFIII: Double Impact & 3rd Strike. Which is the better game?

    Most of you probably knew your answer just by reading the title of this thread and going, "Pffff...no contest." lol But just hear me out! :) I played 3rd Strike earlier today, and now I'm playing Double Impact. And I gotta say.....I'm enjoying Double Impact a whole lot more. Is it just me, or...
  8. C

    Street Fighter 3rd Strike vs Double Impact

    I have been playing both over the past few days and and I cannot decide which I enjoy more. I like Double Impact's rougher style, and it has far and away better background. I also think it also looks a little more neater, less pixelated than the sequel and the characters have a better...
  9. W

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent

    Hacked by dron_3 sc4_offline.self BLES00024 Ammo Never Decrease OGP 396BFFFF807F0850394AFFFF COP 60000000807F085060000000 CU 00002000 00508670 60000000 00002000 00508678 60000000 Increased Accuracy OGP EC0D2028FC000210FF806000D1BF08C4 COP EC0D6828FC000210FF806000D01F08C4 OGP...
  10. W

    Final Fight: Double Impact [NPUB30087]

    Final Fight: Double Impact [NPUB30087] push L1+R1+Up for 200x Health 0000C002 00000000 0010000C 00001000 35EF8AF0 00007080 00001000 35EF8BB0 00007080 thanks for all optantic
  11. F

    Grand Theft Auto Double Pack

    Change The Moon Size In Any GameIn either Grand Theft Auto: 3 or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City get any sniper rifle and shoot at the moon and it will change size. In GTA:3 there are two moon sizes and in GTA:VC their are 7 moon sizes.
  12. F

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Pack (USA)

    =============================================================================== Action Replay Codes =============================================================================== Master Code ----------- 065f13f2 cee4dc95 Infinite Domino --------------- c89926c5 87112a1a All Cards...
  13. C

    Yugi-Oh! Double Pack Gameboy Advance SP Gameshark Codes

    Does anybody have gameshark codes for this version of yugi-oh game because i've been looking everywhere for working codes for this game and i've been playing it for awhile on my gba. :BangHead1:
  14. F

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

    Alternate endingsSuccessfully complete the following tasks to get the corresponding ending: Ending A - Good: Have your NSA trust above 33% and save at least two of the three targets (Crouse Ship, Hisham, Lambert). Ending B - Normal: Have your NSA trust below 33% and save all three targets...
  15. S

    Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team

    Credits goes to iamstillhiro111 for Original Code Creator of Character Modifier for both P1 & P2. Credits goes to silentkiller for the Character Modifier Hex Value. P1 Character Modifier (Advanced Version) FF0E20:???? 0000-Rash 0100-Zitz 0200-Pimple 0301-Billy Lee 0401-Jimmy Lee P2 Character...
  16. F

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Pack 2

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Access Test Menu MadCatz 651785E9AD4E 9A0ACF7468D4 Enter Dice Pool and press Start+R. Top Delete Opps. LP [Press Select+Up] MadCatz 0C7BAFDEA126 D8B0FD176AEF...
  17. F

    Double Dragon GameShark Codes

    1. 012F98C4 Infinite Energy 2. 010499C4 Infinite Lives
  18. F

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

    Alternate endings Successfully complete the following tasks to get the corresponding ending: Ending A - Good: Have your NSA trust above 33% and save at least two of the three targets (Crouse Ship, Hisham, Lambert). Ending B - Normal: Have your NSA trust below 33% and save all three targets...
  19. C

    US Nintendo downloads: Double Dragon 2

    Awesome NES fighter arrives on Wii Virtual Console. Dust off that Wii. It's time to play some Double Dragon 2, people. Click here to read the full article More...
  20. C

    Double slotted SD card adapter

    what stores sell this in canada?
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