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  1. F

    Donkey Kong Country

    Cheat for Slipslide Ride Go up to Gorilla Glacier, and go onto Slipslide Ride. When the first blue crocodile comes, kill him by jumping on him, and grab hold of the white rope above him. Get off the white rope and jump up into the corner of the space you are in. You will be transported to past...
  2. F

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes

    The following are known Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Nintendo Switch (Switch). Title ID: 0100C1F0051B6000 Build ID: f48bd40d89b529c1 [5 puzzle pieces] 580F0000 05E1AEF8 580F1000 00000020 580F1000 00000008 580F1000 000000C0 580F1000 00000010...
  3. C

    seems my country made Seaman

    Lernout & Hauspie Demonstrates New Technologies and Products At PC Expo; Continues Expanding Uses and Platforms for Speech. - Free Online Library Lernout & Hauspie, everybody in the world knows em, they're from belgium (as am I), they went broke & went to jail. what I didn't know however is...
  4. F

    FarmVille 2: Country Escape

    Easy experienceReach level 16 then go to Eddie in the hangar beside the gas station. Provide him with the special items that he wants to get stamps and experience points. Note: You can revisit him every four hours from the time that he departs. You can use a key to avoid waiting and get...
  5. F

    Waialae Country Club - True Golf Classics (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Activator 1 P1 Code Master D0067B74 00?? Top Activator 2 P1 Code Master D0067B75 00?? Top Dual Activator P1 Code Master D1067B74 00?? Top Power Crocc 8012A431 00?? Top Putt Crocc 8012A435 00?? Top Recover Crocc 8012A437 00?? Top Technique...
  6. F

    Donkey Kong Country 3 Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    103% To get 103%, first finish all the levels, (including Krematoa and its boss level, Knautilus), complete all the Swanky's Dashes and Cranky's Dojos, and collect all the bonus coins. You will have 100%. To get 101%, collect all the DK coins. Go to Funky and he will give you the Kong...
  7. F

    Donkey Kong Country 2 Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Level Select Enter FREEDOM as a cheat code. No Kremkoins are needed to cross Klubba's bridge.
  8. F

    Donkey Kong Country Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    A Little Help On Picture Collecting In the game you can collect pictures of certain enemies and allies. There are up to 19 pictures in all. One way that you can collect more pictures without looking in each level is by going to each one of "Funky's Fishing" and "Candy's Dance Studio!"...
  9. F

    Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble Instruction Manual

    Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble ======================================================================================= Cover-Page 1...
  10. F

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Instruction Manual

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Typed out by Gregory Bishop SNS-ADNE-USA DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2(TM) DIDDY'S KONG QUEST(TM) INSTRUCTION BOOKLET SUPER NINTENDO(R) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) Warning: Please...
  11. F

    Donkey Kong Country Instruction Manual

    Donkey Kong Country Typed out by Steve Begin DONKEY KONG COUNTRY (SNS-8X-USA-3) Instruction Booklet Super Nintendo Entertainment System PAGE 2 ------ Warning: Please carefully read the consumer information and precautions booklet included with this product before using your Nintendo...
  12. F

    Town & Country Surf Designs Instruction Manual

    Town & Country Surf Designs Town & Country Surf Designs ------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION -------------------------------------- O.K. dudes, the time has come to really get radical. You and the rest of "DA BOYS," T&C's famous group of skate and...
  13. I

    Donkey Kong Country Discussion

    Feel free to discuss Donkey Kong Country here. This thread should be used to generally discuss this game. Your personal opinions, thoughts, concerns, and other comments about Donkey Kong Country are all welcome. This is a very fun game. I always thought it was amusing that one could get a 101%...
  14. I

    Donkey Kong Country 2 Discussion

    Feel Free to Discuss DKC 2 here. This thread should be used to geneally stae your opinions, thought, feelings and experiences with the game. Screensots: I personally found DKC 2 to be too hard compared to it's predescessor. I liked DKC 2, but it's just brutal at points. Especially Bramble...
  15. M

    Donkey Kong Country 3 Discussion

    Feel free to discuss DKC 3 here. This thread should be used to generally discuss your experiences, feelings, etc. All DKC 3 chat allowed here. Donkey Kong Country 3 Screenshot:
  16. F

    Willie Nelson, Keith Urban on Rock Band Country Pack bandwagon

    As GameSpot reported in May, Harmonix, MTV Games, and EA announced that Rock Band Country Track Pack will arrive for the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 2 on July 21. Today, the publishers also revealed some new details on what songs would be available for the upcoming...
  17. F

    Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Beat Brash's time in the Riverside Race In order to beat Brash's time in the Riverside Race, do the following steps. 1. Start the stage with Dixie, and fly your way to the first lake. 2. Then, quickly change to Kiddy, and put Dixie on your back. 3. Throw Dixie up into the air, and she will land...
  18. F

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Get Squitter in Bramble Blast How to get Squitter in Bramble Blast, Krazy Kremland. Instead of climbing the rope where the continue barrel sits on, go all the way right until you see brambles. Just jump through them. You'll land on a platform. It is necessary to have both monkeys now, because...
  19. F

    Town and Country Surf Design's Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Get lots of points On the skate session, doing a railslide on the rail that's 4 bars high gets you 1000 points. Go up on it and come down right away, and jump back up again. Keep doing this until the rail runs out, earning 1000 points each time.
  20. F

    Town and Country 2: Thrillas Surfari Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Warp and have nine lives On the 3rd level of the first world go to the top of the screen. At the end of the waterfall jump and hold right. If you do it correctly you will end up in the 3rd world level first level with nine lives.
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