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Cast of Characters...............5

Playing the Game.................8

Starting the Game................8

Controller Operation.............8

Specific Character Actions.......9

Clayton's Other Actions..........15


Map Screen.......................18

Actions Screens (Levels).........20

Losing a Clayton.................22


Bonus Levels.....................24

Using Clayton's Animal Forms.....24

Continuing the Game..............25

Finishing Levels.................25

Special Items Found on Earth.....26

Enemies Found Throughout Earth...27

Bosses on Earth..................31


Limited Warrenty................N/A



Claymates Story

Mudville USA, home to Professor Putty and his son Clayton, was for the most
part a peaceful place. This afternoon however it was all about to change.
It started out like any other day, Clayton going off to school, leaving his
father at home with his experiments. Today, however, his father was on the
verge of a fantastic breakthrough and Clayton could barely keep his mind on
his lessons. As soon as the last bell rang, Clayton raced home hoping to
get there in time to help his father with his work.

Half a world away another person eagerly awaited Professor Putty's
Through the smoke of his magic cauldron the eyes of the wicked witch
doctor, Jobo, looked down upon Mudville. Would this upstart professor be
able to do what only he, the great Jobo, was able to do? To turn living
creatures into clay! There was only one way to know for sure, to go there
in person. With some incantations and a puff of brimstone he was on his

Clayton ran up the porch and into the house only to be knocked to the floor
by an explosion coming from the basement. Startled and a little bit scared
Clayon looked up to see his father smiling with success. It had worked! The
claymorph serum worked! Suddenly there was a second explosion and in a
cloud of smoke the witch docter Jobo appeared. Claiming the powers over
clay were his alone, Jobo demanded the serum and its formula.


Professor Putty was not going to let his breakthrough go without a flight,
but he was powerless to stop the wicked Jobo. Seeing that he was not going
to get his way Jobo seized the professor and turned the protesting Clayton
into a ball of clay, escaping in another puff.

Now its up Clayton to rescue his father, and the serum, which will turn him
back into a little boy. He will face many dangers as he travels to the ends
of the earth, and possibly beyond, if he is to finish his quest. To aid him
in his quest, Clayton had the ability to transform into five different
animals with the help of different pieces of clay he may find along the
way. Each of the five animals has its own abilities and skills, and he will
need them all as he runs, jumps, flies, swims, and climbs passed anything
in his way.



Throughout Clayton's travels in the land of the Claymates he will find
colored pieces of clay. Clay allows Clayton to transform into the different
animals characters. When you have Clayton pick up a piece of colored clay
he transforms into the animal of that colour. For example, if Clayton picks
up a grey piece of clay he becomes Oozy, picking up a purple piece of clay
will transform him into Goopy, etc. If Clayton transforms from one clay
animal to another, he will also get a wandering Orb.




Clayton transforms into Muckster when he gets a red piece of clay. Like
most cats Muckster has razor sharp claws. They come in handy when Muckster
needs to defent himself against ene- mies and cling to the sides of trees.
Muckster can climb up and down the trees; getting to places others cannot.
All of this makes Muckster a rather arrogant feline. He believes he is the
best Claymate.


By collecting a gray piece of clay, Clayton becomes Oozy the Mouse. Oozy is
able to run faster than any of the other Claymates and defeats his enemies
with his mighty roar.
Once Oozy starts running, nothing can keep up with him. Thanks to a
technique called Blaze Processing, it is possible for Oozy to accelerate to
his amazingly high top speed. He will seem like a blur, screaming across
your television.

One of Oozy's other attributes is his small size. He is also able to slip
through many holes which other Claymates, like Muckster, can only look



Clayton can transform into Goopy by picking up a purple piece of clay.
Goopy can swim around the sea with ease, zipping by enemies who get in his
way. He is also able to jump onto the shore whenever he wishes. Goopy is
only able to stay on dry land only as he can hold his breath. If he cannot
get back to the water in time, he will become the clay ball again. Goopy
does not like anything getting in his way and will spit air bubbles at
enemies to clear them out of his path.


When Clayton finds a brown piece of Clay, he can become Globmeister the
Gopher. Globmeister is able to burrow into the ground through loose dirt,
getting into caverns none of other Claymates can reach. The deeper the hole
he needs to dig, the happier Globmeister becomes. While happy with digging
holes throughout the world, Globmeister also collects acorns in his spare
time. He can throw his collection of acorns at enemies trying to stop him
from digging, there is nothing which makes Globmeister more unhappy, so he
always makes sure that he has as many acorns as he needs.



By merging with a green piece of clay, Clayton can take on the form of Doh

Doh the Bird. Doh-Doh is able to fly into the air by flappung furiously
with his wings. Although he is not very graceful, he can still fly over
enemies and up into the sky to places none of the other Claymates can
reach. He also needs a runway to get up enough speed to leap into the air.
He can only get in the air by taking off like an airplane. There was not
enough clay when Doh-Doh was made, so his wings are much smaller than they
should be. Because of his small wings, Doh-Doh tires easily while flying
and can only stay in the air for a short time. When Doh-Doh runs short of
breath he will stop flapping his wings and fall to the ground. Because he
is made of clay, he never gets hurt by any of these falls and is ready to
jump into the air right away.



Starting the Game

Begin by inserting the Claymates Game Pak into the Super Nintendo
Enterainment System and turning the Power Switch ON. The title screen of
Claymates will appear. Press Start to begin the game.

Controller Operation:

Start: Begins the Game.
Pauses the Game during play.
While also holding down the SELECT
button will teleport Clayton out of a
level that he has already completed.
Control Pad: Moves the Claymates around the game.
Moves Clayton around the map screen.

/ | _ \
/ _ | (_) \
/ _| |_ _ _ | _ \
( |_ _| // // (_) (_)----)---DIG
\ |_| // // _ /
\ | _____________ (_) /
\__|_________/ /\ \_____|______/
| || |
MOVEMENT Start/Pause |


B Button: Causes all of the Claymates to Jump.
Goopy will flap his fins and swim.
Doh-Doh will flap his wings and fly.
Globmeister will use his claws to Dig
when the control pad is also held
If pressed while a Claymate is
running, it will make the Claymate
Power Jump.
Holding down will speed up the Robots
on the Map Screen.

A Button: Makes Globmeister Dig.

Y Button: Allows any of the Claymates to run
when held down.
Allows any of the Claymates to




__| |__
| _ _ | (Y)
|__ __|

Muckster attacks enemies by swiping his paw at them.


__| |__
| _ _ | (B)
|__ __|

He climbs trees by jumping towards them.



__| - |__
| |
|__ _ __|

Climbing up and down trees.


__| |__
| _ _ |
|__ __|

Falling off of a tree.


__| |__
| _ _ | (B)
|__ __|

Jumping off a tree.




__| |__
| _ _ | (Y)
|__ __|

Oozy attacks by roaring at his enemies.


__| |__
| _ _ | (Y)
|__ __|

Speed Increasing.

Running at Full Speed.


__| |__
| _ _ | (Y)
|__ __|

Through Blaze Processing, Oozy can accelerate to break neck speeds.


__| |__
| _ _ | (Y)
|__ __|

If there are zoomers along the passageway, Oozy can go even faster.




__| |__
| _ _ |
|__ __|

Goopy is able to swim by pressing the control pad in the direction you want
him to go.


__| |__
| _ _ | (B)
|__ __|

To make him swim upwards you will have to repeatedly press the B button.



Goopy can spit air bubbles at enemies.


__| - |__
| | (B)
|__ __|

To have Goopy jump out of the water, he must be close to the surface.


Unlike most fish. Goopy is able to Goopy is still a fish and can only
stay on land for a short period of walk on land. He is able to get to
time before running out of air. the shore by jumping out of the
water onto dry land.



__| |__
| _ _ | (Y)
|__ __|

Globmeister can hit oncoming enemies by throwing acorns.


__| |__
| | (A) or (B)
|__ _ __|

Globmeister can dig through loose dirt. Press the B button repeatedly while
holding the control pad downwards, or just by pressing the A button.




__| |__
| _ _ | (Y)
|__ __|

unlike any of the other Claymates, Doh-Doh is able to fly. To start Doh-Doh
flying first you have to get him running.


__| |__
| _ _ | (Y) + (B)
|__ __|

As soon as Doh-Doh has reached his top speed have him leap into the air.
Begin repeatedly pressing the B Button.


__| |__
| _ _ | (Y)
|__ __|

When enemies get in Doh-Doh's way he can peck at them.


__| |__
| _ _ | (B)
|__ __|

To keep Doh-Doh up in the air. Repeatedly press the B Button.


Doh-Doh gets tired quickly when he is flying and after a little while he
will stop flapping his wings and fall out of the sky.


In the world of Clatmates there are many objects which Clayton can jump on,
move, or push. These things will let Clayton move to hidden areas in the
levels, as well as allowing him to finish the level he is already in.
Clayton can not afford to ignore any of these things or he will not survive
to save this father.

Jumping Gelatin - This springly substance will push Clayton high into the
air when he falls onto it.



Clayton can bounce even higher off the gelatin if you hold the B-Button
down while he is jumping up and down.



   __|   |__
  |         |
  |__  _  __|

Mutasizers can produce many of the same special items as the Bonk Boxes.
Squeeze Clayton down through the funnel by pressing the control pad
downwards creating the special item.

Plungers mark
Clayton's progress
through the level, and
upon losing a life
Clayton will return to
this position rather
than the beginning of
the level. To push a
plunger just jump on
Switches change things
which are going on,
such as turning off
bursting pipes.
Jumping on a switch
will turn it off and


   __|   |__
  |         | (Y)
  |__  _  __|

To make Clayton jump down to a lower branch from a higher one, just hold
the control pad downwards and then press the jump button, B.


Monster generators create more monsters to go after Clayton. Just jump on
top of a monster generator to turn it off.


Jobo does not want to make Clayton's job any easier, so he has hidden many
of the treasures located on Earth under lock and key. These special items
have been put in Bonk Boxes which can be opened by Clayton only if he has a
special type of key called a Geo Shape.

 ____       .--------.
    /\      | __ |      |   /\   |
   //\\     | L_||      |  //\\  |   ___________
  `----'___ `----'      | `----' |  |    ___    |
       / _ \            `--------'  |   / _ \   |
      ( (_) )                       |  ( (_) )  |
       \___/                        |   \___/   |

These Geo-shapes include the circle, the square, and the triangle. If
Clayton is able to find any of these shapes, he can then open a Bonk Box
which has the same shape shown on it. Just have Clayton jump towards the
box and hit the bottom of it. Once the box is open, its special contents
are revealed.



You can move Clayton around the Map Screen by pressing the control pad in
the direction you want him to go. Pathways may be blocked by trees or
rocks, so Clayton must go through the level in that area to get help. To
enter a level, move Clayton onto a whirlpool.

When Clayton finishes a level, two robots will be released. They are there
to clear things out of Clayton's way. But they're not as smart as you or
Clayton, so you must move the carts and rocks in the area into and out of
the way of the robots to steer them around the map. When a robot hits a
tree, a rock, or a fence it will turn. By moving the rocks and carts you
can have the robots turn when you want.


You will want to make the robots move towards the axes and bombs. When a
robot moves onto one of these objects, it will pick it up and begin to
flash. The robot still does not know how to get to the obstacle in
Clayton's path, so you will have to steer it with the rocks and carts
again. Once the flashing robots finds an obstacle, it will clear the
blockade out of Clayton's path.

If any of the robots are stuck in a part of the map where they cannot help
Clayton, he can send the robots back their entry place by punching them
using the Y button. Clayton can also get bored with the slow moving robots.
So you can press and hold the B button down to make them move faster.


It is also possible for Clayton to go back to a level which he has already
completed on the same continent. Also, Clayton can exit a previously
completed level if you hold down SELECT and then press START.

Once Clayton has finished the last level on a continent, he will find a
large cannon. Move Clayton onto the cannon, he will be immediately loaded
and shot off into the sky. The cannon will blast Clayton to the next


Once Clayton has entered a Whirlpool he will be moved into a level. The
Action Screen will now appear. The action screen shows the following

             Time remaining # of crystals _ Score
 Lives remaining--***     @      v       19,650 |--Letters to the
            |     9.23  28      /\ O            | word CLAY
            |                       \           |
            |                        \_|__Geo Shapes
            |                        |
            |                        |
            |                        |


While moving through a level Clayton will discover some of the following
objects and more. He may need to use many of them to solve puzzles that he


Going into a TELEPORTER from any direction will move Clayton to another
point within the level. A point he may be unable to reach by any other

SMALL AND LARGE CLOUDS - most clouds in the sky can be walked on, while the
larger clouds will move on their own.

VENUS CLAY TRAPS will try to eat Clayton alive.

ZOOMERS will proper Oozy and the clay ball along at a rapid rate.

There is also a large collection of spikes, nails, and other sharp objects
which will hurt Clayton when he touches them accidentally.

MOVING PLATFORMS also exist which allow Clayton to access places he cannot
normally jump or climb.

PINATAS are found throughout Earth and can be broken open by attacking
them. They often contain crystals which Clayton can always use.


When Clayton up a GOLDEN STAR he will receive a free life.

WINDSOCKS can suddenly deflate letting Clayton fall towards the ground.

BAD BRICKS may look like something for Clayton to walk right by, but watch
out a nasty surprise!


When all of Clayton's lives have been lost the game is over. Any of the
following actions will result in either the loss of a life while he is a
clay ball. These actions will also return Clayton to the clay ball if
Clayton has merged with another coloured piece of clay, or the loss of the
orb if Clayton has one.


* Hitting any of the sharp objects in the game.

* Touching or being shot by any of the enemies which are wandering,
rolling, flying, swimming or bouching throughout the levels.

* Being eaten by Venus Clay Trap or touching one of the various other
obstacles on Earth such as Power Surges and Bursting Pipes.

* Clayton will lose a life if he falls through the bottom of the screen.

* Allowing the time to run out will also result in the loss of an entire
Clayton even if he is in another form.


Clayton will two different kinds of Crystals in his travel, red and green.
The larger green crystals are worth 5 of the smaller red ones. If Clayton
can finish a level with 100 Crystals, he will go on to a Bonus Level. And
for every 100 crystals after that he will also get an extra life. So, when
the number of Crystals on the screen reaches 200, 300, or 400 an extra life
will be added to the number of lives remaining.



The Grid - This special level is entered by finishing a level with more
then 100 crystals. If Clayton is able to bounce on all of the yellow
squares as they light up, he will receive an extra life.

Panchinko BAlls - When Clayton has collected the four letters to the word
CLAY, he will be transported to this bonus level. To move higher up on the
screen in this special game, hold the B button down and press UP on the
control pad at the same time.


Some of Clayton's animal forms are more helpful in different situations
than others. For example, Oozy is often the only Claymate who can enter
very small openings. Doh-Doh can fly to areas that other characters cannot
even see. Goopy can swim quickly through the water while the clay ball only
moves slowly.



As soon as Clayton has lost all his lives the game is over and the continue
Game screen will appear. Using the control pad, you can move Clayton
towards the words YES or NO. If you select NO, you will be returned to the
title screen. Selecting YES will start the game at the beginning of the
last played.

Finishing Levels

Clayton's goal is to travel throughout the Earth and get to the final
level. There he will be able to save himself and Professor Putty. It is
possible for Clayton to travel quickly through a level but you may miss
things that are hidden. Different paths through areas on Earth are not
always easy but they may give Clayton a much needed extra life or special

Throughout the levels there are plungers which can save Clayton's progress
while in the area. If Clayton loses a life he will return to the plunger
which marks his furthest progress in the level instead of being returned to
the beginning of the level.

When Clayton finally does make it to the end of a level he will be reduced
to the clay ball in order to release the robots. However, Clayton won't
lose any of the Geo-Shapes that he has found. If Clayton has picked up more
than 100 crystals at this point he will be transported to the Grid Bonus


where he can win an extra life. Whether he enters the bonus level or not,
two robots will be released and it is Clayton's job to steer the robots
around to destroy all the obstacles in his path.


EYES - the eye reveals hidden HAMMER - When this hammer falls all
objects in the immediate vicinity of of the enemies on the screen will be
the Bonk Box. frozen, making it easier for you to
elude or attack them.
BALLOONS - if Clayton jumps on the
platform under the balloon before it MAGNET - This Special magnet will
floats away, he will be carried draw all the crystals around towards
upwards into the sky. Clayton. Even ones you cannot see.

INVINCIBILITY POTIONS - Clayton will TWISTERS - Once Clayton unleashes
be invincible for a limited period these whirlwinds they will destroy
of time. everything in Clayton's path.

DIMENSION DOORS - These special
doors will lead Clayton to secret



BULLDOG - This tough pooch is fast and is always looking for dinner. It
takes more than a couple of hits to get by him.

MALEABLE DUCKS - These angry birds are always looking for someone to peck

PRICKLY SNAILS - these guys are very slow and Clayton can jump over them.
They are easy to beat since they are so slow but watch out for their


SNAPPERHEADS - These bouncing balls of clay are found in many of the watter
areas on Earth. You can often avoid them due to their low intelligence.

CLAY NOSED SHARKS - As if it wasnt hard enough for Clayton to get through
the watery areas of Earth, these sharks want to make it even harder. It is
going to be very difficult for you to find a safe way past these huge, clay
eating predators, so look around for help.

SUMO WRESTLERS - The sumo wrestlers are always looking for someone to
squish, and before you know it, it could be you. So watch out for their
jumpng attack.

SPITTING CLAYMELEONS - These cousins of the Claymodo Dragon have a nasty
surprise. They can breathe fire at Clayton. Hit them or run away from them
as quickly as you can.


MUDSKIPPERS - The seas of Earth are full of these fish. While not that
difficult to hit, CLAYTON can not just ignore them in his travels or they
might get him.

CLAYMODO DRAGONS - These reptiles are able to run on two feet and do it
quite well. They will run Clayton down if you are not careful.

Samurai - These Japanese warriors try their hardest to keep Clayton from
passing through their levels. They are able to move very fast. Watch out
for the long reach of their katanas.

EVIL CLOUDS - Unlike the friendly clouds which help Clayton in his travels
through Earth, these clouds try to zap Clayton with bolts of lightning.

BEES - These are just normal bees but they still pack a nasty sting. Try
not to hit their bee hives or you will anger even more of these pesky


WEASELS - These long haired rodents, often named Bill, run at Clayton as
quickly as they can. You will have to do something fast or they will hurt
Clayton before you know it.

HOMING MINES - While Clayton is swimming through the waters of Earth. these
mines move towards him; attempting him harm. Clayton cannot hurt the mines
but you can move him around them. Remember that Clayton moves much faster
than they do, so try to draw them away from the direction you need to go.





Corky The Clam





Executive Producer: Brian Fargo
Producer: Michael Quarles
Assistant Producer: Eric Demilt
Level Design: Jeremy Airey
Designed By: Gregory a. Thomas, Colin Silverman Michael Quarles, Jeremy
Airey, Jeff Thomas

PROGRAMMING: Brian Greenstone, Scott L. Patterson


ARTWORK: Colin Siverman


MUSIC: Brian Luzietti, Charles Deenen

MUSIC AND SOUND ENGINE: (A.R.D.I) Jim Sproul, Phil Britt

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Jason Andersen, Tim Meekins, Jonah Stich, John

ADDITIONAL ARTWORK: Dave Mosher, Rob Nesler, Spencer Kipe

DIRECTOR OF QA: Kerry Garrison



QA TESTERS: Dean Schulte, Chris Tremmel

WORLD EDITOR: ScootL L PAtterson


WRITTEN BY: FearGUS urquhart




COVER ART: Brian Giberson

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