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Arizona: Hidden money:
Go to gate 6 -- it is easiest to do a 180 at the start line. Go straight out over
the tracks over the mountains and find the little town that is out a bit.
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Black Gold: Hidden money:
Between gate 6 and 7 is a fenced-in area that contains another box of cash. There
is an oil truck nearby.
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Crazy 2000: Hidden money:
n the last turn before finish line run, go straight into water. A box of money
containing $1495 is under water by the back edge of the pond.
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Farm Road: Hidden money:
Go under the train trestle in the middle of the pond to find $1500. Note: This works
only one time.
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Laguna Del Ray: Hidden money:
Off on the right is a small island just offshore. On top the island is a chest.
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MotorCross: Hidden money:
Look inside a Porta-Pot up on a hill on left between gates 5 and 6, next to the
tents to get $653.
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Restricted Area: Hidden money:
Go straight when you pass through gate 5. After a little driving you will reach an
aircraft hanger with a jet inside. In the corner of the hanger is a box of cash.
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Salvage Wasteland: Hidden money:
After gate 2, make the jump. Instead of making the right turn to gate 3, turn left.
You will enter another fenced in area with dirt mounds. A box containing $2242 is
in this area besides a mound of dirt.
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Silverton Pass: Hidden money:
Just before you reach gate 7, stop in the water. Turn left and stay in water. Keep
to the left at the fork. After this, there is a small rock jetty to your left. In
the small pool beside it is a box of money with a little over $1400.
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Treasure Bay: Hidden money:
When starting, go over to the beached tanker boat to the right, and drive around on
the water side. You can find another chest in the side hull, with $666.
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Truck Stop 101: Hidden money:
From the starting line, turn left off the track and drive straight until you reach
a highway. Turn right, stay off the road about 40 yards, but just below the hill
that runs along the highway. There should be a big dip next to the road within a
few hundred yards. Down in the lowest part of the dip is a box with $907. If you
are just flying down the side of the road you will miss the box.
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Hidden money amounts:
All hidden money amounts vary depending on how much the race is worth.

Complete the city series for $32,000. It is quick and the weather is clear on
every race.

$1 million:
Complete the endurance races for $1,000,000. Note: These races are 20 laps but they
are all midday except for the pitch black race at Black Gold.
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