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NOTE: I did not modify/create this all credit goes to Sponji, I do not know enough about this to provide any direct support!!!

While I did not want to end up releasing this publicly, the dreamcast-talk, and the three servers we ran are down as well. According to the readme left by our coder this should be capable of running on most any flavor of Linux. However primarily, we used it on Raspberry Pi's only. Included is both the source and binarys exactly as mine was configured.

How it works:
-Provides UDP ping usually defaults to port 1234. Vanilla versions of the game refuse to allow attempts without a successful ping.
-Runs a modified version of IRCD specifially modified for 4x4 Evolution to encode/decode users. And reject standard IRC connection attempts.


If you successfully get a server up and running with this send me the IP/port and I'll add it to the master server list.
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