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    New "DLC" coming to 4X4 Evo

    You read that right. We are going to get new cars and hopefully tracks in 4X4 Evo for our Dreamcast! The game is a Windows CE game, so it is so close to the PC version that we can mod it similar to the way we mod Half-Life on Dreamcast. I only seen car mods in GTA on teh original Xbox, so this...
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    4X4 Evo online play ?

    I have the pc version of 4x4 evo and I was wondering if it could be played online with players from the dreamcast version if so how?
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    4x4 Evolution Chat Server Software

    NOTE: I did not modify/create this all credit goes to Sponji, I do not know enough about this to provide any direct support!!! While I did not want to end up releasing this publicly, the dreamcast-talk, and the three servers we ran are down as well. According to the readme left by our coder...
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    4x4 Evolution Track Script Info

    Finally took the time to figure out how track queries work. Still have a bit to figure out, and I don't know how to write a query script to generate a reply. But this is the end result in hopes someone can do something useful. All comments are denoted with // I don't have the time to write the...
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    4x4 Evolution Update Project

    Been on a one man mission to update most of the 4x4 Evolution games to some extent, and decided to challenge myself by tackling the same fixes and then some for the Dreamcast. 4x4 Evolution Revival Project Major changes: -Master server lookup points to dctalk.no-ip.com -Updated or corrected...
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    Unboxing rush rush rally reloaded + 4x4 jam @ sega dreamcast

    More new games for G3B DC Colletion :D You can activate english subtitles, I talk spanish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu_zJQHnkow UNBOXING RUSH RUSH RALLY RELOADED + 4X4 JAM @ SEGA DREAMCAST - YouTube Thank you very much
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    Screamer 4x4

    Cheat CodesAt the Main Menu, press Shift and type any of the following "Codes": Code - Granted Wish ALLRDIFFERS - All Rear Differentials ALLFDIFFERS - All Front Differentials ALLTIRES - All Tires BIGFOOT - Toyota Hilux Bigfoot ALLTROPHIES - All Trophies Access ALLCARS - All Cars...
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    4X4 Evolution 2

    Arctic Wasteland: Tresure Chest From the start, head north until you almost reach water. Then, head east. Follow the water for a short distance until it ends, then head north. Go north until you see the American flag and a building inside a fenced in area. The treasure chest is in there...
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    4x4 Jam CWCheats [NPUZ-00104]

    _S NPUZ-00104 _G 4x4 Jam _C0 Max Money _L 0x2066C3A8 0x3B9AC9FF _C0 Lap/Items/Gates MOD (00) _L 0x1066D188 0x00000000
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    4X4 Evolution

    $1 million Type goldfingergivememoneyordie during a race in career mode. Exit the race and you will have $1 million. Repeating the code will set your current amount to $1 million -- you cannot get more than that amount. Arctic Wasteland: Hidden money Go through checkpoint 2, but continue...
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    4x4 Evo 2

    A Game Inside Of A Game On the ''Autumn Leaves'' track, there should be a zippy little pizza delivery car, and it is VERY fast. But I made a game out of it. Select 2 player mode, select your truck, let your friend select his or her truck, go to Autumn Leaves. And that's where it starts...
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    4x4 Off-Roaders Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Easy win Keep hitting the CPUs soon they will start to fall you might get way ahead. Skip Level Make sure you look out for vases and when you throw a potion, if it allows you to go into the vase you skip 2-4 levels! If not try others!
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    4X4 Evolution Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Arizona: Hidden money: Go to gate 6 -- it is easiest to do a 180 at the start line. Go straight out over the tracks over the mountains and find the little town that is out a bit.
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    Mega man 4x4

    MEGA MAN 4x4 Manual Version .1 Released Saturday 2/28/98 Manual by RockX2 of MultiManuals Game and original manual by the great Crapcom E-mail me at [email protected] Note: The...
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