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    Sturmwind pushed back till 4th Quarter 2011

    I was just on Racketboy forums when a member mentioned that the game has been pushed back by half a year. Duranik As long as it and Gunlord DO come out this year, I will be happy as it will continue the tradition of a retail game released every year for the console since 1998, last year we...
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    Interview for Sturmwind and redspotgames

    Ok, German title, but you should be able to read it. American is not an excuse for stupid haha. Anyway, yank jokes aside, I give you German speakers an interview to translate for us dummer Amerikans/Englische sprecher. :lol: I am calling you out mein fruende Capt. DC, you helped translate...
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    Sturmwind incoming this quarter!!

    Hey guys, I don't see much on here about Sturmwind, there was a brief thread about it in July last year but nothing since. I've been in communication with RedSpot Games, specifically Max Schaarl. Here is all the info I have so far on the game, I'm pasting my story that I posted on my gamespot...
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    Production complications: Sturmwind is about to be delayed

    Just received a newsletter... check your emails too... via shop(at) + another source is Page not found -
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    redspot announces sturmwind limited edition

    damn this looks hot, it might just as well be a dreamcast direct title. I wish sega would acknowledge them & let em put the swirl on the box, this one really deserves it Redspot: The #1 Games Blog
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    Dux 1.5 and Sturmwind Unboxing/Game Play Video

    To those interested, I made the following video on both of these 2013 Dreamcast releases.
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    Restock of Sturmwind @ Play-Asia

    Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else on the forum... Play-Asia have some more new copies of Sturmwind due for arrival tomorrow I believe if anyone is interested in picking up a copy. They have the L.E. coming in too...
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    So I found a copy of Sturmwind in the wild the other day.

    They cannot be serious on that price. Talk about a slap to the face.
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    Running Sturmwind on a Rev 2 model...?

    Went to a mom n pop game store today that is on the verge of going out of business. I went to go check it out to see if I can nab any decent deals before closing. So it appears this store made much of its profit from repairing damages console for customers, so they had plenty of various defected...
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    How reliable is RedSpot Games?

    Hello, I was checking out some footage of Sturmwind and this game looks incredible and I'd love to own it. Couldn't find a reasonably priced copy on eBay so I found the site of the company that published it, Redspot Games. I don't think I need the limited edition, just the stand alone game...
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    Sturmwind Bug - Arcade Stick Controls

    I have found want I think may be a bug. I play all my games with an arcade stick and I am unable to change to control setup when using the official dreamcast arcade stick. The controls change in the options menu but when I play the game they are stuck on default no matter what option I have them...
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    So is anyone playing it? I decided to hold off after being burnt by the initial release of Lost Hope, but I would be interested in hearing any opinions. The graphics do look nice..
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    Officially Licensed Sturmwind T-Shirts

    I wanted to let everyone know that The Bit Station is now taking pre-orders for our officially licensed Sturmwind t-shirts. Charcoal Front.jpgCharcoal Back.jpg Here's the final details: 100% exclusive to The Bit Station They are officially licensed from Duranik We are only...
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