Running Sturmwind on a Rev 2 model...?

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Went to a mom n pop game store today that is on the verge of going out of business. I went to go check it out to see if I can nab any decent deals before closing. So it appears this store made much of its profit from repairing damages console for customers, so they had plenty of various defected hardware for spare parts. I noticed they had a fairly decent looking DC in corner and asked how much thinking it was a working piece cuz it looked good cosmetically. I got it for a $5 becuase it was indeed a busted system. I almost hesitated on the purchase after noticing the unit was a dreaded Rev 2. Nonetheless I bought it as I want to know my way around a Rev 2 alot more and learn about this particular model even though I hate em.

So I take it home to clean it (the casing is in real good shape arter wiping it off), open it up (the inards were partically dust free and everything inside looked brand new). The issue with the system was fairly easy to fix. So I play a few GDroms, the system's driver sounds healthy and everything loads great. Afterward I decide to test to see if it can read backups, Bootdiscs, indie releases (basically CDrom media) as a few Rev2's aren't compatible (I own one that doesn't read CDR). So I pop in Strumwind and it works.

But there is a problem. The games load times before each level are 4 times as long, and I'm being literal here! During loading screen, when the timer gauge fills up, it goes back to zero and repeats the process 3more times! I tested other indie releases and their loadtimes are not affected.

Can anyone with a working Rev 2 and a copy of the game test this out? More importantly does anyone with ties with Duranik know if they tested their game on all console revisions to check for performance? Are they even aware of this daughterboardless bastard of a Dreamcast!?
Thanks in advance.
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