Crazi Taxi: Analog stick or D pad?

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Hi there,
There is a Dreamcast at my work (offshore) and I have been playing Crazy Taxi recently. When I used to play the Dreamcast when I was younger I always used the D-Pad for everything that I could (I still do). I really didn't like the analog as my thumb always slipped off it. The controllers I am currently using have had the analog sticks changed for PS4 ones which is a massive improvement. I have tried using the analog stick for Crazy Taxi but not sure if its worth re-teaching myself to use it. I can get quite high scores and have completed the crazy box. I just feel that it may be slightly easier to weave in-between cars. But im so used to using a D-pad that it would be a big undertaking to change my driving style of this game.

Has anyone experience using both? What are your thoughts?
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