Price for Dreamcast ASCII stick?

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When I got my Dreamcast in an auction online, it came with two "ASCII Stick FT Special Capcom Version" arcade sticks. One came in the box too, along with some cards showing how to perform some Street Fighter moves. I thought it was a neat extra, but didn't think much more of it at the time.

Just today though, I was offered $130 NZD (about $107 USD) for the boxed ASCII stick. I was surprised by how much they were willing to offer, and had me wondering about the value of these controllers. I had a quick search on eBay, and saw they often went for over $100 without the box, and often over $200 with the box. I am aware that eBay often does overcharge for these kind of things, so I thought I'd ask here, is this a reasonable price for the arcade stick, or is it worth much more and I shouldn't bother? I'm not that attached to the controller, and would be fine with just having one of them, but I'm a little bit hesitant in case it's worth much more.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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