watever i do ,, 6.20 ofw appears as corupt data in xmb while downgrding


plz help me guys, i have used both tutorials , one with
http://forums.dashhacks.com/f133/the-downgrade-your-psp-without-pandora-mega-thread-t270030/ with its 2nd method

and the

but when ever i put the ofw 6.20 in my xmb as EBOOT.PBP in UPDATE folder , it simply appears corrupt , and when i run downgrader , isays me , after pressing x , that game cannot be opened , and some error code.

sometimes it give me error opening mso/psp/game/update/eboot.pbp but mostly with most of ofws i downloaded from sites other than this site , it shows it a corrupt data .
i m using 6.35 pro beta 9 on psp 3000 03 g , i do need some advice guys
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