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    Cannot Downgrade PSP 3001 OFW 6.35

    I have a PSP 3001 it had 6.20, but somehow it was updated to 6.30 without my knowing. Since then I update it with 6.35 in hopes to downgrade it to 6.20, but it does not work. I've used the Downgrader 3.1 and 4.1, both do not work. On 3.1 it stops at the "Please wait..." and then shuts off 10...
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    2 questions, if I upgrade my OFW to 6.60 will I still be able to play my games?

    1) If I upgrade my OFW to 6.60 will I still be able to play my signed eboots or will it say Game Could Not Be Started. 2) Is there any possible way that I can play online Infastructure on a game without upgrading my OFW. When sony released the new 6.60 OFW, I can't play online on any game...
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    psp 3000 ofw 6.35 cfw 6.35 pro only 3 questions plz

    1... wat cfw should i use for it , should i keep this 6.35 pro or change and y please 2. do i need a separate homebrew enabler along with this cfw . and if i do need wat should b it. 3. whenver i try to sign up in hacked mode for psn , it says http error 5502 , and in unhacked mode it asks...
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    3004 psp with 5.70 ofw downgrade

    is there anyone who can help me with downgrading my psp 3004 with 5.70ofw. he is now out of warrenty so i can try the update. thanks in advance
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    Slim OFW 6.37 help

    I recently became an owner of a PSP Slim 2003 after losing my beloved modded 1000. :( As for the slim, its a 2003 model, date code 8A and its serial HB05xxxx (bought after looking up the date code if it was hackable) but its previous owner had no knowledge of CFW and just stuck OFW 6.37 on it...
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    PSP 2000 SLIM OFW 6.37How to hack?

    Hi, I have a PSP 2000 SLIM...don't know the "out of box" firmware and i updated to 6.37 Official Firmware, now i want to hack it but don't know how to do it. I have tried "pspident" but it doesn't run. All ISO/CSO games including Aloader,Decrypter apps don't run.what to do.
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    6.30 OFW I am stuck...

    I am kinda new to this so please bear with me.I bought a PSP last month, 3004 6.30 I am thinking of upgrading to 6.35 and installing CFW 6.35 PRO-B4 (using this video tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aL7g2su64A or the tutorial on our forum...
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    hacking psp 1004 6.00 ofw

    what is the easyest way to hack a psp 1004 with 6.00 official firmware without pandora and demo games?
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    Lost Hope... PSP N-1001 OFW 6.38

    I'm a complete noob to the scene and I've tried searching for the past 2 days but still feel COMPLETELY lost so please have some patience... I've received a PSP Go from my girl as a birthday gift. It had OFW 6.20 and PSN told me I had to update so I could access it to buy some games... Now I'm...
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    Help me to Hack PSP 1000with OFW 6.38 !!!!

    I'm just upgraded and flashed my PSP1000 with the lastest firmware from PSP Sony website. All my games ISO and CSO format can't be recognized. Can anyone help me so that i still can play ISO and CSO games with firmware 6.38? Or any other solution? I'm a newbie. Please help and advise from gurus...
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    Pspgo ofw 6.38 :s

    What's up guys my 8 year old Son came home from school yesterday and asked me "Dad why doesn't my games work anymore?!?" So I immediately thought "UH OH.. this kid upgraded his OFW" and low and behold the dreaded 6.38 was on the screen. He said "this morning on my was to school it asked me to...
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    To update or not from 5.03 OFW

    Hi there, I would like to hack a psp 3004 with 5.03 OFW, will you guys recommend to upgrade to a higher FW or to keep the current one? What would you do? Thank you for your support.
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    I'm trying to update to 6.38 ME from OFW 6.38. Having issues.

    I downloaded the correct files and followed the readme. 1. copy UPDATE folder at ms0:/PSP/GAME/. 2. Put 6.38 official update at ms0:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/638.PBP . 3. Run installer from xmb. I did exactly that on OFW 6.38 and it tells me game can't be started. I don't know what to do at this point...
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    How to Hack PSP 3004 ofw 6.10 to CFW 6.35 pro B5

    Hi, I am a newbie and just bought a psp and it is 3004 ofw 6.10, I want to hack my psp to cfw 6.35 pro b5, to play iso and cso games. Please give me step by step instructions to hack my PSP. Thanks for your Support.
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    6.37 OFW need to downgrade

    Hello I have a psp 2001 and I accidentally upgraded it to OFW 6.37 i want to downgrade it but cant find out how I heard of pandora but i want to avoid destroying my only battery and my only memory card, if anyone knows of a way to downgrade my psp please let me know or if you have a good link...
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    PSP 2000 OFW 5.50 to CFW 5.50 GEN D-3

    Hello I have a PSP 2000 (Has a "Home" button.) that until recently had CFW 5.50 GEN D-3 and accidentally while I was running the Eboot inside the "Update" folder on my PSP (The update is for GEN D-3.) I pressed on "Install OFW 5.50"... From that time since I'm not even able to run any Eboot...
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    how to upgrade OFW 5.50 to CFW

    Hi!! I would like to upgrade OFW 5.50 gen B to CFW so I could play downloaded PSP games. Is it correct if I upgrade first to OFW 6.20 then to 6.20 TN-D (hen)? I have PSP slim 2000.
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    can u put cfw on psp 1003 with 2.6 ofw?

    as i lost on the bid for the other one, is this a good buy in yr opinion to put cfw on it? its going for £45 pounds didnt knw there was a 2.6 ofw but thats wat the guy is saying
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    Help: PSP2000 5.50 ofw downgrade to 5.03

    guys i need some help. is there any means of Downgrading psp2000 5.50 to 5.03 without using Pandora battery? i looking forward for your comments and suggestions. thank you.. :(
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    PSP 3000 w/ OFW 6.10?

    Hey, I've been out of the scene for a while, and like every other time I've taken a break, I'm overwhelmed with all the changes. Not really sure where to start. I've had this 3000 since May 2010. At the time everyone was saying they couldn't be made to run CFW, but I still used it for playing...
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