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By Mezmorize

How to update firmware and/or use downloaded saves and emulator saves on the V-Mem. Can also revive a corrupt GameShark Pro firmware.

First off:
Any fat PSX (with the GameShark port in the back) can do this, mod-chip or not.
Any model PSX can boot backups, mod-chip or not!

Q: Why use the GSP to boot backups instead of disc swapping?
A: Normally, you are swapping while the disc is spinning. Using the GameShark will save your PSX from wear and tear, since it stops the disc from spinning allowing you to swap.

What you will need:
1. If no mod-chip, knowledge on how to disc swap to boot backups. (GoogleTube is your friend...)

2. A blank CD-R.

3. A standard Male 25-Pin D-Type to Female 25-Pin D-Type parallel (printer) cable hooked to your PC and GameShark Pro (or AR3)!


Firmware Choices:
1. If you boot backups with your GameShark Pro and want to use the V-Mem feature, use version 3.0 firmware.
See this post for more info on 3.0 and backups.

2. If you have a mod chip, or don't run backups, use the version 3.2 firmware (ar3stop replaces v-mem).

3. Don't care about using v-mem?
Want to boot backups on version 3.2?
Use this firmware instead, but never click on v-mem or you will have to reflash to boot backups again.

[Anyone have the version 3.1 for me to test out?]

How to use downloaded saves, without a DexDrive, or a PS2 capable of running uLaunchELF.

Step 1: Extract your firmware for editing using these tools, make a backup too. Or, just choose one of the above firmware files.
Note: You must boot the CD with the GameShark plugged in, but disabled!

Step 2: Use the program 'MemcardRex' to export your emulator/downloaded saves to the .bin pSX emulator format. Name the file MC.bin.

Using this method you can convert these formats to the v-mem:
RAW single Save (PS1 memory card in a PS2 with uLaunchElf installed) or
(.mcs) (.psx) (.ps1) (.mcb) (.mcx, .pda) (.psv) (.mcr) (.gme) (.bin) (.mcd) (.mem, .vgs) (.mc) (.ddf) (.ps) (.psm) (.mci) (.vmp).

Step 3: Split your firmware file at 128 KB using the program HJsplit.exe.

Step 4: Firmware Info:

512 KB raw firmware file divided by 4 parts equals:
128 KB SECTION 1 = GS Firmware Part 1 of 3
128 KB SECTION 2 = GS Firmware Part 2 of 3
128 KB SECTION 3 = GS Firmware Part 3 of 3
128 KB SECTION 4 = Virtual Memory Card (pSX Emulator Format).

Why pSX format?
Because "The goal for pSX is to make an accurate emulator that reproduces the gaming experience from the real PlayStation.".

To merge your firmware files for flashing make a new text document and rename the extension from .txt to .bat and put this code into the text file:

COPY /B *.001+*.002+*.003+MC.BIN EXPORT.RAW
DEL *.001 *.002 *.003 *.004

Now run the .bat/.cmd file and you will have an updated firmware file named EXPORT.RAW ready for flashing.

How To Flash Firmware onto an AR3/GSP.

Step 5: Flash your firmware using the command line tool 'AR3FLASH.EXE' and the PSX CD 'ar3flash.bin'.
Note: You must boot the CD with the GameShark plugged in, but disabled!


That's all, your GameShark should be the way it was when you extracted your firmware, besides your custom memory card inserted into it.

Notes on step 1 & 5:
You have to boot the PSX CD with the GameShark plugged in the back, but disabled!
There are a few ways to go about doing this.

1. Slowly press down the power button of the psx, this sometimes makes the bios boot up instead of the gameshark trainer.


instead of GSP trainer...


Mod chip users: That's all...(lucky you).
No mod chip: disc swap to boot the ar3flash.bin CD

2. Mod chip users: Hold the button in on the side of the GameShark while turning on the system with the burnt cd in.


3. No mod chip [easiest way for me]: Insert retail psx cd and turn on the system, go to v-mem and then press select to enter the bios.


Disc swap like normal to boot the disc (any time you enter the bios from the v-mem menu, the GameShark is disabled to prevent bios dumping I would presume).

All files mentioned above [1.02 MB] - [URL][/URL]

GameShark Reflash Tool (Complete).zip

Optional - [URL=""]BiosDump.psx[/URL]

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