Xbox One info blowout! Here's everything you need to know

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Look inside Microsoft's new console


After years of speculation, more rumors than anyone expect, and hourly leaks, Microsoft has finally revealed its upcoming console. Introducing Microsoft's entry into the next-generation of game consoles: The Xbox One. No, not the 720, or the "Infinity," or anything else. It's called the Xbox One. For an hour today, the console-maker showed off the system, revealing the specs, the features, and everything else you wanted to know.

Well, not everything. Microsoft is keeping some stuff secretive, likely in favor of a reveal at E3 2013. Some of the big questions have been answered, though, and we have all of those answers here. So, is it always-online? What does the controller look like? What games are coming out for it? We have answers to these questions and plenty of others.
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